Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall Favorites...

I love this time of year. the crisp colors, the cool air, the warmth of being inside, the cute fall clothing, candles, and of course the bright leaves. Unforntantly i havnt gotten any pictures of the leaves around here. i need too, but doubt that i will before Kason comes, and i know i wont after he comes. So i snagged some from a search on google, arnt they so pretty!

My other all time favorite fall thing, CANDLES! When we were in Utah i got this candle from a local shop and it was called Ginger Bread.. oh man that candle made our entire apartment smell like i just baked forever. it was amazing, and another favorite from that local shop SUGAR COOKIE candle!! so yummy! smelled like fresh cake! :) Lastnight as my mom, logan, and i unpacked boxes i found those candles, but unfortantly they were so low that i had to throw them out, the wicks were gone. i think i packed them with hope that somehow i could still use them, oh well. I will find new ones for our new place. I also love the look of candles when they burn, so pretty... again i dont have any of my own candle pictures so here are some more i got from a google search.

Not much else going on though. Still unpacking and STILL WAITING for Kason to show up! i have been really patient these past 9 months, now i just want him out! im tired, im huge, im grumpy, and i wanna see my kid! I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, so if nothing has happened by then, hopefully we will figure out whats going on tomorrow morning! yay!! :) :) have a great day!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Catch up.

So i know its been almost 3 weeks, sorry! lol.. no baby yet.. soon though.
Friday we got the keys to our townhouse! Friday night Logan, my dad, logan's dad, adam, scott, and a few people from church moved all our stuff into the house. yay!! it looked like a nightmare, boxes everywhere, hardly any room to walk, no food in the kitchen to eat, etc. but it was home!

Saturday we headed up to the Puyallup fair with my parents, brother and his family, sister and her family, and cousin. it was alot of fun. ALOT of walking around. my plan- to walk this kid out of me! lol. it didnt work.. grr.. but we had a ton of fun watching the kids on a few rides, looking at all the Animals, even a ZE-DONK! and checking out all the products people are selling. the best part... FAIR FOOD! gotta love all that yummy, fatty fair food!

Sunday morning Logan left for work and i woke up a bit after 9, found cereal, bowl, spoon, and milk and had breakfast. My mom called and said she was on her way. She helped me unpack our entire kitchen!! that was ALOT of stuff to unpack!! ALOT ALOT ALOT!! thank you mom so so much!! Logan got home from work, and then we headed over to my mom and dads for Sunday dinner. Then of course what would a night be without a trip to the ER?

Kason hadnt moved at all yesterday so I called and explained and they said to come on in. So after a TON of juice, laying on my side, and poking around they got him to move enough to send me home. But not until after i found out that i was having small contractions, which lasted all night and into today. so hopefully we will be seeing Baby Kason this week! so excited! i just dont want to go over! lol. i can't believe tomorrow will be only one week until due day!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

{a whole bunch of nothingness}

Been a week, sorry guys!
This past weekend was alot of fun! Logan and I had Friday off and we slept in and then packed up and headed out to Ocean Shores with his family for a big family trip. It was alot of fun, weather wasnt too bad. I was a huge LAMO and took a totaly of ZERO pictures! oh man thats so bad! We went and played put put mini golf and bumper boats (i watched). it was so much fun. unfortantly we never actually made it to the beach, but it was still fun.
Monday morning we woke up early, packed up and left the camp site by 8:30 to meet logan's brother Rod, to go dirt biking. Logan had such a great time. I stayed out at Valeen and Larry's house (my inlaws) and did laundry, showered, watched a movie, and played with the kittens. I acutally took two kittens home with me to give to the family i nanny. they loved them! They are super cute! :) :)
Anywho i do need to vent.. communication. how hard it is to communicate? It just seems recently there has been a big empty spot of communication with some people in my life. It is so fusterating because im starting to see that this isnt the first time its happened, but infact its something that has been missing through out my whole relationship wtih this person (no not logan we are doing great) but its something iknow i have to just let it go, as much as i try its like its a one way street or a two way with traffic only going one way. there is only so much i can do about it though. i guess if you are reading this ( you know who you are) i do love you. I will always love you, but please try to open up. Please try to commincate with me. Just the simple things would be nice.
On another note. Logan and I turned in our application to a town house. We are just waiting to hear back. so soon!! if we do get it we will move in either the end of this month or early next month. either way i dont care i just want our own place. we love the generousity that my parents have shared for this past year, but we need our own place. we need our own bathroom, kitchen, tv. everything ya know? privacy is nice. plus we dont want to bring Kason home to my parents, id ont know its just nice to bring him home to his own place. I have the cutest things for his nursry! so excited to get it all set up for him.
well i better let you all go. have a great day! :)