Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall Favorites...

I love this time of year. the crisp colors, the cool air, the warmth of being inside, the cute fall clothing, candles, and of course the bright leaves. Unforntantly i havnt gotten any pictures of the leaves around here. i need too, but doubt that i will before Kason comes, and i know i wont after he comes. So i snagged some from a search on google, arnt they so pretty!

My other all time favorite fall thing, CANDLES! When we were in Utah i got this candle from a local shop and it was called Ginger Bread.. oh man that candle made our entire apartment smell like i just baked forever. it was amazing, and another favorite from that local shop SUGAR COOKIE candle!! so yummy! smelled like fresh cake! :) Lastnight as my mom, logan, and i unpacked boxes i found those candles, but unfortantly they were so low that i had to throw them out, the wicks were gone. i think i packed them with hope that somehow i could still use them, oh well. I will find new ones for our new place. I also love the look of candles when they burn, so pretty... again i dont have any of my own candle pictures so here are some more i got from a google search.

Not much else going on though. Still unpacking and STILL WAITING for Kason to show up! i have been really patient these past 9 months, now i just want him out! im tired, im huge, im grumpy, and i wanna see my kid! I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, so if nothing has happened by then, hopefully we will figure out whats going on tomorrow morning! yay!! :) :) have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hope that you have a Great Day! Hope that theres good news for you tomorrow, and that Kason will soon grace you with his presence... really,really soon! *smile*
Take Care

The Riggle's said...

I love the new layout stuff. Looks great. This last week or two is the worst of pregnancy. He'll be 10 months though before you know it. I just remember Ethan getting impatient and coming to my room crying in the middle of the night because he wanted to meet his sister. At some point you will long for these days of peace and quiet. Don't rust him, he'll bless us when he's ready. I know, easier said than done. At least you're not an elephant!!!

AmyG said...

enjoy your last few days :)

I'm having a candle party on the 9th :) (hint, hint) lol. You and Kason should come up!!!!! we can do photo shoots too. :)

AmyG said...

Laura had her baby on Friday night. If you want to see some pictures of Kason....I added some to my blog. :)

Donna said...


I just saw a few pictures of Kason on your sister Amy's blog. He is absolutely beautiful!!
Congratulations to you and Logan.
Many, Many years of joy ahead.