Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hey Everyone!

Posted by Picasa Hey everyone hows it all goin? we took this picture on Sunday night when we decorated our cute Christmas Tree, yes ill post a picture of that too by tomorrow! :) anywho... just wanted to give you all an update. We are doing great, weather is ok.. snow here and there and ice everywhere! lol but we are getting use to the drivers here lol.. they are very scarey and the funny thing is most of them know it! lol... We are loving our apartment, each day we get it to look more like us.. busy schedules equal neglected apartment! lol... but thats ok cause its coming along. Im not sure what else to say here lol thats pretty much our little update lol.. we are loving Utah but we miss home too.. miss all the GREEN! So anywho... yeah, well have a wonderful day you all! and we miss you so much!!
(yes we both know logan looks funny in this picture lol.. but its still a cute one lol)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

A year ago...

Posted by Picasa I wanted to do this post in October, since this is when Amy took this pic (last year though) but with moving and everything i totally forgot about it until this morning... A year ago i was fresh out of High School, enjoying my new job in an office rather than in TacoBell. I was excited to enjoy life, and just be myself. Fernanda had just moved in and we were having fun. I was finally jumping into the singles branch and going to activities out side of just Sunday. I was meeting new friends and figuring out how much life held for me. As OCtober ending and the months blended together I met Logan, the love of my Eternity. He was the first boyfriend who treated me like something other than crud and i was enjoying it, not thinking that it would lead to marriage, best choice of my life. Shortly After Christmas and the New Years we got engadged and things got busy! Dresses, flowers, colors, Attitudes, craziness, stubborness, and pure Love of my family dealing with me! lol... March i turned 19!! and then May 7, 2005 i was sealed for all time and eternity to Logan! I couldnt have been any more happy! We flew off the San Diego and enjoyed the sun, surf, and all the sites we went to. Getting home, and getting into my new job as a Nanny was an adjustment. Living with my parents, being married, and starting a new job was a little more hectic and stressful than i thought, but thanks mom and dad for not kicking me out and dealin with me! lol i love you!! I became a Nanny to the most wonderful child that i could nanny, Addison taught me so much in life and im never going to forget any of it. Agust came and i flew off to Utah to check it out and get the feel of what was around me. I started to LOVE it, then i had to go back home, say goodbye to Addison then Logan and i drove back to Utah to find an apartment, jobs and figure out our life. Once we got settled we drove back. Said goodbye to loved ones, family, friends, and everyone around us. We packed up and moved 4 states away to Utah. Never ever living out side of Washington i was scared but i was able to do it. These past 2 1/2 months has been wonderful! im turely grateful for Logan and the love he has for me, and for my family and the love they have for us and the support! thank you everyone!! Well im going to go, but iwanted to write about my year, and im sure all of you know about it all ready lol but that was a nice reminder lol! love you!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Im Alive

Hey been a few days and i feel like im really slacking! lol... saturday logan and i went to the Olive Garden for soup and salad, cheap and totally hit the spot! lol favorite place!!!!!! Anywho and then we got some thing done, and hopefully tonight we are getting a tree! YAY!! anywho short, but im ill write more later!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tis the week of Rings and Prayers!!

You ask why? well so far this week i lost my black CTR thumb ring and after a night of praying constantly and nightmares i found the ring, in my pant leg? yes my pantleg of my jeans the weirdest spot but it was there. I dont know if it was heavenly fathers doings, or what, but i am super thankful for finding it. The night before i found it i had taken a shower and our drain in our tub is open... so its so easy for something to fall down the drain and go un noticed. Well i finally found my beloved ring and life was normal until.. this morning. As i am sitting here on the computer as logan is taking a shower, then i hear a cling cling and then logan screaming "NO NO NO" and i immeditaly know what had happened. i run into the bathroom and i calmly said "please tell me that wasnt your wedding ring" and guess what yah it was his wonderful ring! so i quickly call where we got the ring to find out that our warrently doesnt cover lost. But after constant prayers logan thinks about going under neath the apartment and looking in the pipes. He goes gets the keys from the manager and goes down under. I hear CLANK CLANK CLANK and then i yell did you get it? and guess what YES!!! HE FOUND THE RING!! We are so lucky and thankful for these two rings!!! now i posted a sign that says NO RINGS ALLOWED right as you walk past the sink to take a shower... so we have learned our lessons!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

LayOut of Matthew

did this one of matthew this morning... miss you guys all so much!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This is a LO i did of maegan this morning...  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I did a LO this morning about me bein 19 and everything... i just liked how it turned out...
Lastnight logan and i hit the dollar theater... we saw THE CORPS BRIDE, its a cute movie. I like Tim Burton's take on clay movies. His characters are so neat. Anywho... just wanted to say hello again... Its snowing outside like mad and its beautiful! im so excited to walk home in it tonight... its exciting to me! hee hee... anywho.. Not much else to chat about.. oh.. i think im going to make cookies tonight and get my apartment smelling like yummy christmas time!! dont know what ill do with all the cookies, recipe makes like 40+... maybe ill give some to my neighbors :) anywho well i hope you all are enjoying winter so far. I miss you all!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Quick Hello

I just anted to say hello, its been a while since i wrote something instead of a quick picture and a little blurb of something. Update from Utah:: SNOW! we love snow!! im lovin waking up and being so excited like Christmas morning, and running to my window that looks out front and peaking through the blinds to see snow, and usually its there but old snow. But there have been mornings when im totally surprised by a blanket of fresh powdery snow! Anywho Turkey day was great! yummy turkey and lots of fun!... Wensday i got sick ick! Stomach FLu something i wish not on anyone! Sunday Logan, BRad, Diana and i all went to the Christmas Devontional and it was amazing! so Spititual i loved it! Totally brought in the real christmas spirit. We got Christmas Lights and our awesome star on Saturday... I cant wait to get our tree!! Anywho we are doing great. We love it here but miss everyone back home so much! love you all!! I have to go sorry!! work calls!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

I love this Man! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 28, 2005

Its great to be Happy Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 26, 2005


snow Posted by Picasa This is a picture i took 5 minutes ago of the outside of our apartment, ours is the bottom one, but thats not important, the important thing is ITS SNOWING!!! we were over at someones house who lives over by 90th south and it snowed like 2-3 inches in 1-2 hours!! were we live its about 1/2 inch and still coming down and its supose to snow more all this week! im so excited! i love snow!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

HAPPY TURKEY DAY Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Posted by Picasa When i looked up passion in the dictionary this morning it said: A powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger. For me is love, joy, and everything positive when it comes to my passion about photography. Im not quite sure what it is about taking pictures, but its releases my stress. It allows me to express myself in different ways then words could. It allows me to be me and nothing more and nothing less. Im sure you all have a passion out there for something, more things then one for some. Me i have tons of passions, Logan, My family, my religion, Snowboarding, Photography just to name a few random ones. So go out there take hold tight of your passion and run with it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Posted by Picasa Taking a simple 30 min. to myself, away from dirty dishes, piles of laundry, an apartment to clean, or a dinner to cook or to think about cleaning up, is sanity! This quirky green bathtub is my place in our apartment that i am able to go, light a billion candles and just sit and relax and think about nothing but how wrinkled my little toes are getting. I recently found out that the current bubble bath soap i have makes my entire body ich, head to toe! so right now its hot water and me, no bubbles to play in or anything, but its okay, its still some sort of sanity in my daily off schedule routine. I love my life though, i love the busyness, the clutter (to a point :) ) and the every day surprises. But if i didnt have a tub, id be in the looney bin right about... now :) anywho hope you all have a wonderful day!

Monday, November 21, 2005


This is last year at Mt. Baker, but This last Saturday Logan, Brad and I went up to Alta (skiiers only :( ) and When Snowboarding... we hiked up. The lifts are not open yet so it didnt matter... but it was so much fun! tough work but so worth it to get a few small runs in for free! anywho cant wait until more of the resorts open so we can go hit the slopes via chairlift, but until then, LETS CLIMB!


Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I made cookies!! mmmm so good and guess what THEY DIDNT TURN OUT LIKE PANCAKES!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

just a picture i took when rae was here, love how some are in focus and others are not :) hee hee have a great day Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 12, 2005


I love this picture of Logan and meself lastweek up at Alta, when we all went to play in the snow. I just wanted to express how much i adore this man. How much he means to me. I love the feeling i have everytime i look at him, even if its a silly face im looking at, or him sleeping. He's a great guy and everyday i feel more and more luckier to be with him. Out of all the girls in the world he had picked me and out of all the guys in the world i picked him. He's my one and only true love. Babe i love you so much, thank you for being there for me through thick and thin, happy and unhappy moments. I love it when we laugh together, dance in the streets at night together, or just sit down and cuddle to a movie. The little things count so much and i thank you for all the hardwork you put into this relationship each and everyday.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Isnt it funny how life has its ups and downs, and maybe sometimes you enjoy the downs just as much as the ups? This could only be in my case, but its how i feel. Since moving here i dont have my mom or dad to rely on.. and as much as i miss them.. its nice to be out and living on my own allowing Logan and I to have our own life. I miss my family so much that alot of the times ill start to cry about it, but i cant let keep me down. Im in a wonderful city and im so excited to explore, walk the streets, enjoy life. ABout the downs things... back home i felt alot of the time when i would trip in life id be caught by my dad, and in all honestly it was nice knowing i had that saftey net, but when i got older it became a bit fusterating. If i were to argue with my brother or something my dad would back me up and stop the bickering. (just an example) I wanted to experience falling on my face. Now out here i can do that, and im excited in a way. I know my family loves me and only wants to see the best for me happen, but some times in life you gotta just take it and go with it. I love this.. i love burning dinners, constantly checking my checkbook, going shopping, and just being in an apartment where i dont have the nicest things, or the best technology. I have to figure things out on my own... and as hard as it is I'm loving Life.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Cool Picture

I was just messing around in adobe with this picture rae took on saturday while we were eating lunch at snowbird. I like how it turned out with the harsh color, and the pinks and reds... i know it might look funky to you all but i love it! :) Posted by Picasa

SNOW Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

2 more days

only two more days til rae comes, im excited! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 31, 2005

Who's a cool Fairy....

that would be me:) for Halloween i dressed up as a pink Fairy, it was so much fun! wore it all day at work, and now while trick or treatin, well im passing out candy, not going out this year lol... we got two bags of candy thinking that no one would come to our house, but just in case, and guess what! lol so far i only got one ring at my door! lol... there were only four kids in that group! lol but at least someone showed up right! anywho well happy halloween everyone! miss you all!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

hey ya'll

Howdy!! yesterday was one heck of a busy day... as soon as i got home from work i quickly jumped onto the computer and started proofing jamie's pictures (sundays session) then in the middle of that i started chicken and rice casserole while i was proofing, then once it was done i stirred everything together and then ran to costco at 8:00pm got there at 8:10pm and found out they close at 8:30, but the photo lady was super awesome! she got 214 pictures printed by 8:27pm!! then i ran to wal*mart handed them to Jamie and Amy who were shopping, then i went home were logan had put the casserole into the oven. It finally cooks and then i realize I FORGOT THE CHICKEN! lol so it was a cheese and rice casserole lol! so anywho woke up this morning and got ready really really quick, then did the dishes. well anywho at work and im super tired.. going to go have a great day!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Quick Hello

Hey, at work so not much time to say hello, but i saw that i last posted on Saturday so here is a quicky... went to church on Sunday and we really enjoyed our new ward, so thats good... after church we ate lunch and took a nap... then i was off to take pictures for Jamie again, the lighting was bad on Saturday... they turned out cute. Tonight we're making her accouncments i believe and also doing the pictures so i can get them printed out before she leaves to go to Washington with Cameron for a visit.. wish that was Logan and I going, but oh mom says shes coming out in March and i can hardly wait!! Also Rae is coming out in early Novemeber and im so excited!! gotta finish up the apartment so she doesnt think its a dump! lol hee hee anywho well im going to go talk to you later!!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

We love to Shoot!

This morning Logan, Brad, and Cameron all went shooting up in Bountiful at a shooting range. Logan had a really good time, and i was able to clean up the kitchen, and scrapbook a little. I even made Banana Bread, gotta send some pictures of it its funny! lol... dont ask ill just show you. Anywho... Logan did his shooting already so it was my turn. I took Jamie's and Cameron's Engagment photos today. Session one, im taking more tomorrow with better light. I was thinking today that i would really like to start my own business of photography, and designing annoucments, greeting cars, etc. Im thinking of a name now... im not sure what to use as my name... i dont know if i just want to use "Laura McGee Photography" or something way different that someone will always remember? i have no clue! lol a little help here! anywho.. here is one picture of the happy couple.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Our Dinner the other night! YUM Posted by Picasa

So Tired!

Lastnight i woke up at least 10-15 times! im so tired this morning that when Logans Alarm went off i thought it was mine and i started to cry. I have no engery to walk to work, let alone take care of a bunch of kids! Yesterday was so hard! I get to work and my co-worker wasnt coming in because she had to study. So they were going to have other people come in and help me because the ratio of children to adults is 4 to 1. Well some other co-workers are sick so they had to call mine in and she wasnt happy about that, let alone we got a new child in our class with no notice and she never has been away from her mom before so that wasnt any fun what so ever! So we had 7 kids, then one went back to the infants (she is just turning one) and then during naptime two paretns came and picked up their kids so my co-worker went home and i had four to myself. Eventually and quickly it dwendled down to only one kid by 4:30! i was shocked and amazed and then the next thing i knew, the last kid was picked up by 5pm! seriously this hardly ever happens!! So i went and helped out in the infant room until all of the babies were gone and i went home at 5:45pm and chilled on the couch waiting out my migrain which is still here this morning, alone with a HUGE stomach ache!! arg! oh well its life right? hee hee anywho well i have to go and get ready for work today! have a wonderful day everybody!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

This is Me...

I had Amy send me a picture of me when i was a toddler. At the daycare i work at there is a little girl in the two's class that looks exactly like me, so i showed everyone the picture to prove it and it may not be exactly but its pretty dang close. like this kid could pass off as mine any day! lol.. anywho well i have to go get dressed for work, but i felt like i was lacking in the picture department... oh tonight im going to make banana bread! im way excited! i want my apartment to smell super yummy!! anywho talk to you later! :)
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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tuesday Date Night

How cool is it to have dinner, a movie and dessert for only 10bucks? i was pretty dang excited! lol.. there is a local pizza resteruant here that holds a deal called "Beat the clock" which means from 6pm until 8pm the time you call in and order is the price you paid. Lastnight i called in at 6:05pm and got a 14inch large 3topping pizza for only 7 dollars after tax and a charge to use my card. We ate at home, then thought we had time, lets go to the dollar theater. Which is usually 1.50$ which is only 3bucks for logan and I to see a movie. well on Tuesday its only a dollar, and we were just in time to see dukes of Hazard, which is a awesome movie! LOVE IT!!! After the movie we hit up McDonalds and i got an icecream cone, which we shared. so after everything it was 10 bucks for a wonderful evening. We have a dirty house, somewhat unpacked, and garbage to be taken out, but there is only so much you can take of it until you need a break. Lastnight was really what we needed. This morning i woke up on time, put a load of laundry in the wash, did all the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen table, and gather trash to be taken out when i get home. It was nice to get things done so early in the morning, but now im tired! lol chasing after 5-6 toddlers isnt as easy as we all think! lol anywho not much else to talk about though... just sitting on my lunch break eating salad and left over french bread... oh yeah guess who is cool? yeah me!! on monday i made my own homemade fetechine noodles, and logan made alfredo sauce... oh made so good! i got pictures ill post when i get time! well i better be on my way! love and miss you all!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend updates!

a funny story! So Logan and i got tickets to the BYU game like you all already know. On saturday we got up, got our internet and cable hooked up and ate breakfast. I checked online to see what time the game really was at about 1:30pm and it said 5pm est. so we were like 3 our time lets go! so we ate the rest of our breakfast and ran out the door, we got there late at 3:15pm and there are no cars! we saw a parkinglot attendant and i rolled down my window and asked what time the game started, she said 8pm. we were 4 1/2 hours early! lol. we went to the mall there and i finally found my fall/winter candles! since i have moved here i wanted to get candles to fill the entire house with warm comforting yummy smells, and i couldnt find the right one, until we went to this store called FOR EVERY BODY and they have SO many candles!! and they are highscented!! i got GingerBread! and then i also got a 26oz candle for 3 bucks! originally 18 Dollars! its called Birthday Cake and it smells just like a cake, not like a crappy smell, but it smells exactly like it!!! im so happy i got it on sale!! anywho.. then we went to ross and i got a new pair of chuck taylor shoes! lol... more yes i know but they were only 10 bucks and they are all leather! ill take a picture!! anywho... then we went to AppleBees to get an appetizer for dinner. Here in Utah you can sit at the bar, doesnt matter your age! Its because they only serve beer. So we sat there and avoided the 20 min. wait. We Went to the game and we were in great seats! Logan patiently explained to me the rules when i questioned a few or alot of times what was going on lol! but i got it and they won!! go BYU Cougars! lol... anywho well i have to go to work! eek! i better really go! talk to you later!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

{Missing Washington, But Enjoying SLC}

Hey everyone, guess what! Oh yea i got internet and cable for our TV! yay! im so excited, it was nice to not have this stuff for a few days, so i didnt have too much to take me away from unpacking, but im so happy we have it now though. Pay bills, write to friends/family, see pictures and send them.. communicate with family!!! Salt Lake is nice, but i have my moments when im missing home, but its nice though to be away and experience the hard part of being on my own. I apperciate all my parents have done for me! thanks! Im so happy, the other day i found out that Rae is comming on the 4th of nov.! she cant keep secrets! lol but its nice to know whats ahead!! anywho this is short though so sorry but i have to eat lunch/breakfast and then head off to the BYU game! im so excited!! love and miss you all!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

About Time!

I am Alive! Long time i know, but things have been a little crazy here. Its offical! i have been out of my parents house for over a week, and its crazy! i miss my parents like id never imagined, i miss my family so much. Its nice to get calls, i know i dont call enough, but between work, getting sick, unpacking, and trying to catch my breath and relax so i dont get sicker, its been a little crazy! So far, my apartment is probably 1/2 way unpacked. the living room is offically unpacked, only got to put together the entertainment center (but thats going to be in a few weeks) the kitchen is pretty much there, just a little here and there to do but for the most part its done. The Spare/computer room ha! thats another story! we have a path to the laundry room, but hey thats a start! Our bedroom is okay, some boxes, but those are clothes we only wear once in a while like church etc. and those are in boxes and just need to be put into closets. Bathroom is done, and set up and lookin good... the green tub is growing on me. I like it! its unique, funky, and fun! i like it. Our Animals are doing great! Flipper is doing wonderful! enjoying the banana's. Misplaced his catfood, so he gets his favorite besides kiwi's.... Logan loves his job! his boss loves him, and his supivisor is transfering into the office, and they are preparing to put Logan as the new Supivisor! how neat? He works alot though, kinda sucks but he gets overtime money and thats nice. He goes to work an hour early and stays a few hours late, but since he worked so late one night his boss is taking us to a BYU game! how awesome! im going to a college game im so excited! As for me, i love my Job! I'm the assistant teacher for the toddlers (1yrs) at C st Child Care. I lOVE IT! I walk to work, usually walk home for lunch, and then walk back to home after work. i get of at 6 and its nice. I already got sick on the 3rd day here. A bad cold virus thing was going around, and of course i got it. But its cool. The weather is changing quickly! Its blue skys and sunny, but freezing cold though, but its nice. Over the week we have been here it has been rainy about 3 days of it. Reminds me of home. I miss washington alot, all the green trees, the water everywhere, the humidy! But Utah is good. I love living out on my own, but i often find my self wanting my mom! I cant wait until her and even maybe my dad can come visit! Show them around SLC, cook them dinner in my own apartment!! I miss my sister alot too. I use to be able to just drive 45min and see her, scrap with her, and hang out with the kids, but i dont have that anymore. i dont have many friends here either. I have some that moved here awhile ago, but i dont see them much, and its kinda sad. But its bringing Logan and i so much closer and its nice. Its helping us so much!! i love it. Im doing good though, i mean its hard, but i know i can do it! oh anyone ever had a TB test? A Tuberculosis test? yeah those are sucky! lol i had to get one for work today, its just a pinch, then your skin has a little bump under it, and then it goes away and it sucks! I dont really like needles alot though either, but it was okay. Anywho.. well its lunch time im going to go! miss you all so much! i will have internet saturday! Im usuing works right now! talk to you later gators!! I MISS YOU ALL

Friday, September 30, 2005

Moving Stinks! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Apartment Pictures!

Here they are everyone!! Apartment pictures!! its about time i know! i cant wait to get everything into our apartment and make it our own! its scarey at the same time too... but its life! This is our Kitchen... not my favorite and a little outdated, but its ours! and we can make it work, and with all the things i got to make it look awesome, its going to rock i know!! The colors for our kitchen are black, white, and red... and im super excited to put everything into it. We also have a dishwasher, but its one you hook up to the sink, but im not going to use it at all though.... it leaks we think, and its just easier to do them by hand instead of hooking it up and everything. This is our main room, That door is our front door.. and the best part about the entire apartment are these beautiful floors! LOVE THEM! i cant wait to get our couches and chairs into here, our entertainment center and put our lizzards and turtle somwhere in the apartment! put pictures up everywhere, flowers, and just make it loving!! this is so exciting!!!
This is our master bedroom, not big at all but its good for us! acutally its a two bedroom apartment and they are the same size :)... sorry the coloring is off in this picture.. kinda sucky i know oh well! but this room is black red and white as well and got all of the things to go into it, since its going to be like my room im in now anyways! lol... anywho its going to be perfect i cant wait!!!

This is our other bedroom, that door leads to like an area connected to our apartment, its private and it has storage and hook ups for our washer and dryer, thanks mom and dad for the W/D!!! its going to be a huge help for us!!!! our computer will go in here, along with misc. things.. its going to be great! this is out bathroom, well the tub... its green! awesome eh!! hee hee im excited to have a tub and take baths!! long soaking relaxing baths!! anywho i got a cute shower curtain on clearence at target. its two mermaids! lol its funny!! its like purple/blue perewinkle i guess you would say.. anywho adorable!! and funky fun! but these aer all the pictures! hope you enjoy! please dont be shy, call email and write us! ask for my address number or whatever! im going to miss everyone so much! its been hard saying goodbye to everyone.. just breaks my heart but i know its what is best! darn it lol.. anywho ill try to write more! we love you all!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Help me pick!!

Hey everyone! okay so this week im packing up our room and logan and i are leaving saturday at 4am to go to Utah. wow everything is going so fast!! ill write more later, but for now i need your help!! here are the six baby annoucments i made for my new neice Gabby!! what a doll! she's such a cutie! but i want to know your opinion. which one is the best? which colors do you like, etc etc etc.. just drop me a comment and let me know! thanks everyone! Click on the image to get a larger look!! :) Posted by Picasa