Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Posted by Picasa When i looked up passion in the dictionary this morning it said: A powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger. For me is love, joy, and everything positive when it comes to my passion about photography. Im not quite sure what it is about taking pictures, but its releases my stress. It allows me to express myself in different ways then words could. It allows me to be me and nothing more and nothing less. Im sure you all have a passion out there for something, more things then one for some. Me i have tons of passions, Logan, My family, my religion, Snowboarding, Photography just to name a few random ones. So go out there take hold tight of your passion and run with it!


mom said...

Hi Laura, I really like this blog. I am really thankful you and Amy love taking pictures so much and do such a great job of it. I never was much good at it so I'm glad the two of you are capturing our family history through pictures. Have a great day, and happy Thankgiving, we will really miss you guys, Love you much!!! Mom

AmyG said...

Have a great Thanksgiving, Laura. Hope you are already thawing your turkey!!! :)