Sunday, May 22, 2011

baby number 2 so far

this is me at the end of my 6month mark.
belly shot
we did a picture like this when i was preggers with kason and i love that photo! :) had to do one with Maddie :)
This is a picture of me starting the middle of my 7th month.

I realized i have not blogged much about this pregnancy at all really!! i need to write it down for my memory mostly.

First trimester.
-This pregnancy has really been so different from Kason's. For the first trimester i was sick sick sick. I didnt keep too much down, slept alot, and pretty much made a permanent body imprint on my couch.
-Kason lived off cartoons and mac n cheese for lunches for a while. He was fine with that though :)
-Kason loves his little sister already and will cuddle on my tummy, telling me he was cuddling with maddie.
-We didn't tell anyone about this pregnancy until i had an ultrasound at 12 weeks. It was SO hard keeping it from everyone, especially during Christmas time. That was tough.
-I craved watermelon sour candies. Couldn't get enough of them! so yummy!! Anything sweet would actually help me feel better and not so sick.
-I started showing at 12 weeks!! Way sooner than with Kason.
-I already knew i was having a girl without having proof, i just felt it.
-Picked out our girl name, Madison. Logan came up with it. Love it!

Second Trimester
-Starting to show ALOT more!!
-We bought our first home and moved out of our very tiny apartment. That was a huge thing for me. I was so scared we would bring Maddie home and she'd have no where to sleep, literally!
-We found out Maddie was indeed a GIRL!!
-Maddie offically got her middle name Elizabeth, from my middle name.
- Stopped puking so much, but still gag with brushing teeth!
-Had a scare on easter with a sharp pain. ending up being nothing really.
-been swelling alot in the hands and feet
-FINALLY found a doctor we really love and sticking with! She will actually be the one performing the c-section.
-craved deviled eggs!! ate so many on Easter.

Third Trimester
-Wanting to get Maddie's room done, but have not yet.
-Made 8 dresses for the little one
-Went through all the clothes my sister saved from her girls. 7 large 18 gallon totes!!
-Babysat Amy's kids while in Hawaii. Pooped!!
-been eating alot of peanut butter. mostly with apples. Cant get enough!
-been on a chocolate crave as well.

So far this pregnancy has gone fairly smooth. Have been having issues with swelling in my hands and feet which i don't like, but hey its okay! :) I am one week from hitting my 8th month mark! can not believe how far along i am already! With moving and everything its gone by really fast. Which is great for me!