Friday, April 29, 2005


This of me yesterday, no make up, no contacts, unbrushed hair. I wanted to capture a clean un tampered look of myself. No coverup or lipstick. Just natural scrubby looking me! i actually like how this turned out. I dont know about oyu guys, but i love to just sit in my wrinkled PJ's and just veg and watch TV or something. Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I love Beads

I love beads. I just go to the bead store and run my hand through the beads and walk in out of each isle. I love to just look at them. I love making my own stuff too.. The other day my sister Amy came down and herself, her kids and I went to ShipWreck Beads. It was alot of fun. Today i started a pretty cool neclace that i should get done eventually!! Posted by Hello

Just Me

Posted by HelloThis picture i took of my self one day, my friend did hand tinting on it and added color to my eyes and my lips, i think it turned out great, i love it.

About Time

For a few months i have been wanting a blog, some place where I can spill out everything in my mind. Let people know who I am and what im about. Just to get down to the point, My name is Laura Cline, soon to be Laura McGee. I'm 19 and im the youngest of a four sibling family. I have two wonderful parents, who i admire and love with all my heart. My oldest sibling is my only sister Amy. She's the one that got me interested in the whole blog thing. I look up to her alot.. she's a great example. Then next in line is Adam. He's a great big brother who loves to go do stuff and its fun to join him. Josh is next and he's awesome. He's a good brother who I can enjoy going to concerts with and just hang out and not always think. Then there is me. I'm getting married in 9 days!! I'm so excited and i cant wait to say "This is my Husband" instead of "this is my boyfriend".. I cant wait to enjoy all the little moments... when i burn the dinner, or we have an arguement over nothing, or when we can just sit on the couch and do nothing but enjoy being in eachother's arms. I know there are going to be rough sea's ahead, but I am excited to experience those. I have always believed that someone cant succeed with out falling a few times along the way. Well thats a little about me, but believe me there is a whole lot more to come!