Sunday, April 27, 2008


i haven't scrapped in a long time until the other week. Seriously i mean like months.
i finally was able to create some thing.
here are some layout shares:
That is Hannah my niece while they were on vacation.
The kit is shawna clingerman's princess of lala land Okay so i have to explain this picture. We went out to Logan's moms (this was back in early feb.) and they have one of those playskool doctor kits. well these are the glasses from it, and we had to put them on Kason. he looked so funny!! i loved it
Kit is by Shawna Clingerman its called Take me home
I took these today. Kason will be 7 months TOMORROW! seriously insane!! today he has been a total pill with eating. he keeps grabbing the spoon and flinging food everywhere. seriously it is annoying, but look at him, who couldnt but smile at that face!! :)

Friday, April 25, 2008


thanks jamie! lol :)

So, this is how it goes:
A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. enjoying being an auntie to Connor
2. Hating middle school. (agree with jamie on this one)
3. meeting my best friend for life
4. trying to survive the very awkward years of being a young teenager
5. Going to my first real school dance (we had friday night middle school dances)

1. Give Kason his last treatment of abuterol yay!
2. Give Kason his second to last dose of steriodes
3. Change too many diapers
4. Watch Greys Anatomy!!
5. Go to the park! its finally sunny again!

1. Popcorn
2. Cookie dough bites
3. cream cheese and crackers
4. cookie dough
5. chips and nacho cheese

1. Pay off ALL our debts
2. Build my dream home on property
3. Put away college money for each of our children (well kason and future kids)
4. Donate alot of it to charities
5. Never go into debt again!

1. over reacting
2. not always listening
3. biting my nails
4. popping my nuckles
5. cant sit still

1. Taco Bell uniform
2. shorts with tube socks and tennis shoes
3. tennis shoes with a skirt to church
4. A bathing suite without shorts
5. really baggy shirts that dont fit (this was my early teenage years)(okay i wear logans in the morning on the weekends, but other than that never again)

1. spokane, wa (where i was born, dont remember)
2. clarkston, id (i was only a toddler, dont remember)
3. lacey, wa (from age 4-19)
4. salt lake city, ut (logan and i lived here for a year)
5. lacey, wa (where logan and i moved back to)

1. Taco Bell (2 years)
2. Penser North America (secretary)
3. Nanny for Addison
4. C street child development center
5. Mother to Kason, Nanny to Ethan and Addie

1. I was born in a hallway
2. I can flip my eyelids inside out
3. I can make my tounge into a W shape
4. I suffer from depression and anxiety
5. I want to go swiming in the ocean some where tropical and scubadive

i tag- AmyG, denise, Shawna, Carrie, Rae

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cute pj's

so Kason has a ton of cute clothes, but for some reason i love him in bright stripes. they are adorable on him. so i took some pictures of him yesterday in his jammies that i kept him in all day long so i could enjoy them more, he is about to grow out of them!!
a bit blurry but still cute

hello therehe loves to take out his binky and play with it, and try to put it backokay so clearly this is NOT the best picture of Kason but it cracks me up!!! just caught him at the wrong moment. lol

Monday, April 14, 2008

sunny days

i hope they are here to stay.
Friday was beautiful. i took the kiddos out to the park in Olympia, down by the water on the boardwalk. it was packed full of kids, and that was awesome. Ethan and Addie had so much fun! My friend Brooke and her little girl, Brianna came with us. it was alot of fun. Then afterwards on the way home to go eat lunch i thought a picnic at the park right by Clara's house would be fun so Clara met us there and we have yummy food and played alot more. it was awesome. i really enjoyed the weather.
Saturday was even better. i think it got up to 80degrees they said. We got up a bit before 6am to go quading out in matlock with Rodney and some friends. it was awesome. we went for about 4 hours, i loved it. Val babysat for us, THANK YOU! :) then afterwards we went home and cleaned up and went to a friends house for BBQ. it was awesome. yummy food good friends. Sunday we went to church and then to Briana and Nick's for Braxton and Jehron's brithday party. We had some yumy food and fun. it was great being with family. Over all this weekend was awesome.

Update on Kason:
he is doing alot better, ear is all cleared up. he is no longer sick, besides a small cough, which is normal for him really. Im glad the whole ear thing is done and over with. my poor little guy was in so much pain it was horriable.
In two weeks logan and i will get to meet our new nephew, Connor!! :) Colette is having her little one on April 25th at 12. schedule c-section. we are excited. lastnight logan and i counted, and this will be our 16th nephew/niece. between both our families we have 15, soon 16!! seriously INSANE but i love it. having a large family is awesome. wouldnt have it any other way.

well here are some pictures.just to prove that there were no clouds and bright blue skys here in the puget sound!kason loves to stick his tounge out now and make sounds and spit.
two pictures to show why kason usually eats naked.not the best picture but i like it. outside at the park.

enjoying the sun

our VERY happy boy
and a video of kason talking

Thursday, April 03, 2008

reptured ear drum

Poor Kason. Will he ever get a break?
After i wrote my last post, i was getting Kason in the car to go home from work, when i noticed fluid coming from his right ear, it was light green milky and i knew that was not suppose to happen. So i get us home and call the doctors before they close. My doctor and her nurse were gone for the day, so i was able to talk to one of the other doctor's nurses. I explained everything, and she said she would talk to the doctor and call me right back. Well they did call me right back and told me his ear drum had reptured.
That explains all the screaming, high fevers, fussyness, lack of sleep, lack of eating etc.
The doctors at the E.R. said his ears looked just fine, but one of them had a bit of fluid behind it, because he is not able to pop his own ears, but that was it. nothing about it being red, or anything. makes me fusterated.
So we got him medican to help the fluid clear up quicker. I was thinking that when the drum reptured it was a big ol hole, but no its only like if i poked a needle into it. teeny tiny. so thats good. it will take 6-8 weeks for it to all heal up, but he shouldnt be sick for too much longer.
Actually since his ear drum reptured, he has stopped screaming, eating way better, sleeping way way better, playing, and mostly his fever is gone, lastnight it did go back up for a while. but he was just fine.
Logan and I are sure enjoying the cuddle time though with him. he is so lovey, cuddley, and its nice. we missed that when he was small. now it seems he just likes to be held sitting up, or on the floor rolling around and trying to crawl.
well anywho i better be going. hope everyone is having a good day.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

my poor baby

Poor Kason.
It seems he is always sick. we were actually getting excited because he had gone like two weeks with out being sick, and then this happened.this picture makes me so sad. He has gotten my horriable, no good, disgusting, exahusting cold.
i really wish he hadn't.
I had cold chills, fevers, sick to my stomach, runny nose, sever congestion, etc.
I felt like i was about to die. imagine all that in a tiny 6month old, my heart breaks!
one thing about kason though, he always smiles, no matter what

We had a rough night lastnight. Kason was up screaming in pain, there was no way to calm him down. finally after he was calm (after an hour or so) he just laid there on my bed like a rag doll. he had a fever and was just so sad. I called the on call nurse for his dr. and after trying to listen to him breathe (which was okay) she thought it would be best to go into the ER. so we got all ready quickly at 2am and drove to St. Petes. Waited for a bit, but got in rather quickly. after they took us back, checked him out and waited for the doctor, he had been diagnosed with "respitory infection" other words, "horriable, no good, disgusting, exahusting cold" so we finally got home at 4:30am and crawled into bed. Kason was zonked out until i got him up for work at 7:30am and slept until 9:45am on the couch with me. now he is taking another nap, which is good. poor baby.