Tuesday, April 01, 2008

my poor baby

Poor Kason.
It seems he is always sick. we were actually getting excited because he had gone like two weeks with out being sick, and then this happened.this picture makes me so sad. He has gotten my horriable, no good, disgusting, exahusting cold.
i really wish he hadn't.
I had cold chills, fevers, sick to my stomach, runny nose, sever congestion, etc.
I felt like i was about to die. imagine all that in a tiny 6month old, my heart breaks!
one thing about kason though, he always smiles, no matter what

We had a rough night lastnight. Kason was up screaming in pain, there was no way to calm him down. finally after he was calm (after an hour or so) he just laid there on my bed like a rag doll. he had a fever and was just so sad. I called the on call nurse for his dr. and after trying to listen to him breathe (which was okay) she thought it would be best to go into the ER. so we got all ready quickly at 2am and drove to St. Petes. Waited for a bit, but got in rather quickly. after they took us back, checked him out and waited for the doctor, he had been diagnosed with "respitory infection" other words, "horriable, no good, disgusting, exahusting cold" so we finally got home at 4:30am and crawled into bed. Kason was zonked out until i got him up for work at 7:30am and slept until 9:45am on the couch with me. now he is taking another nap, which is good. poor baby.

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