Monday, April 14, 2008

sunny days

i hope they are here to stay.
Friday was beautiful. i took the kiddos out to the park in Olympia, down by the water on the boardwalk. it was packed full of kids, and that was awesome. Ethan and Addie had so much fun! My friend Brooke and her little girl, Brianna came with us. it was alot of fun. Then afterwards on the way home to go eat lunch i thought a picnic at the park right by Clara's house would be fun so Clara met us there and we have yummy food and played alot more. it was awesome. i really enjoyed the weather.
Saturday was even better. i think it got up to 80degrees they said. We got up a bit before 6am to go quading out in matlock with Rodney and some friends. it was awesome. we went for about 4 hours, i loved it. Val babysat for us, THANK YOU! :) then afterwards we went home and cleaned up and went to a friends house for BBQ. it was awesome. yummy food good friends. Sunday we went to church and then to Briana and Nick's for Braxton and Jehron's brithday party. We had some yumy food and fun. it was great being with family. Over all this weekend was awesome.

Update on Kason:
he is doing alot better, ear is all cleared up. he is no longer sick, besides a small cough, which is normal for him really. Im glad the whole ear thing is done and over with. my poor little guy was in so much pain it was horriable.
In two weeks logan and i will get to meet our new nephew, Connor!! :) Colette is having her little one on April 25th at 12. schedule c-section. we are excited. lastnight logan and i counted, and this will be our 16th nephew/niece. between both our families we have 15, soon 16!! seriously INSANE but i love it. having a large family is awesome. wouldnt have it any other way.

well here are some pictures.just to prove that there were no clouds and bright blue skys here in the puget sound!kason loves to stick his tounge out now and make sounds and spit.
two pictures to show why kason usually eats naked.not the best picture but i like it. outside at the park.

enjoying the sun

our VERY happy boy
and a video of kason talking

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