Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a layout post

here is a layout of Connor. Havn't made a layout of Connor is FOREVER. this is from Ruby Beach. Had some fun with this!

he's a kicker

So about 2 weeks ago i started to feel the little guy. a little here and a little there, mostly felt like a butterfly or a fish in my stomach lol. But about the 3 days i feel him ALL the time and its more defined than a butterfly or a fish. Right now as i am typing i can feel him kicking or moving, whatever he is doing i can feel it. sometimes i can feel his whole body move, i think those are hiccups... dont know for sure but lets just say hiccups! lol anywho well not much else going on.. i think Summer is actually here for abit. yesterday was 80 degrees and today is suppose to be 86!! I love it cause i can take Ethan and Addie out and about and be out side and its so nice for all of us! Yesterday we went to the fountain downtown, Ethan loved it and Addie was just as happy. Id stick her little feet in the water as it shot up and she was giggle! it was super cute!
well everyone i better go so have a great day!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hello there!!

hey everyone! it has been forever since i have posted! sorry!! a bit to update you all on.

First off this past weekend was a blast! as usual my family headed on out to the Beach and Logan and I joined this year. It was fun until the rain hit as well as the vomiting! Long story short about 10 people got nasty sick at the beach, thats inculding Logan and I. Not Fun! but other than that it was pretty nice. the weather wasnt TOO bad and it was just great to be around family.

I had a doctors appointment thursday before we left on vacation. everything is fine. she measured me, and checked his heart beat. Everything is perfect she said. i really like my doctor. she is nice and tells us how things are so thats good.

well not to much more to say really. I am back at work! the family i nanny for went on vacation and i had a week to clean up the house, take care of their pets, and be with just Brinnon. It was nice but i missed the noise of Ethan running around and Addie's coo's.

Have a great day everyone!

(i will leave you with a picture i found on the internet of a beach we visited on Sunday-Ruby Beach) I will post my pictures soon

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Belated Mothers Day!!

A day late and a penny short..

or whatever they say right? anywho hope everyone had a great Mothers day. Ours was low key and nice. We went out to Logan's mom and step dads house and stayed the night saturday night. It was nice weather saturday afternoon so logan road his bike. it was great to see him so HAPPY! then once we got there Larry and Jerry (logans step dad and brother) butchered one of the cows, Bessy (they live on a farm) it was sad but i totally understand the whole thing. I stayed inside mostly and watched movie and after movie making a baby blanket for Kason. Got alot done, which was good! :) Sunday we went to church with his Mom and his sister and brother are in the same ward so we talked and hung out a bit. Then went back to his moms house and had some Elk steak and chicken. it was yummy! :)

all in all it was a great low key relaxing weekend. the only thing bad about it was coming home to a HUGE mess in our room. i hate how all we own is either in a small room or in storage. i miss our apartment, i miss keeping the bathroom door open when i shower (lol im werid) i miss making our own dinners and having friends over. But i am EXTREAMLY greatful i have my parents and that they allow us to stay with them during this time when we really need them. Logan offically doesnt have a job, but he is steadily looking. i have faith he will find one very soon.

well hope everyone has a great day, nice and sunny here!

and of course i cannot and will not forget to say

Thats right logan is 26 today! WOW!!! i LOVE you babe! hope you have a great day today!!! :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

random posting

lately i have been into peach and mango flavor. normal i dont like mango, and sometime peach but this last week or two i have been LOVING it! my mom bought this gum for Halie and Gracie and i kept sneaking some lol. so finally i thought about it while i was at the store and picked it up.

also my mom had talking rain-orange mango flavor and it was SO yummy! i wanted more and more of it! lol. i guess your taste does change once you get preggo! lol :) anywho.. not alot going on. glad its the weekend. spend time wtih family. we are going out to Val and Larry's saturday night and spending the night. I love being out there. Dannon loves it too!!! also spook (their cat) had babies and hopefully ill be able to see them. She usually hides them for a while. I'm not the biggest cat fan, but i love kittens. they are cute. well hope everyone had a great week and have a fun mothers day!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

ive been tagged!

Denise tagged me... thanks! lol here is my Q&A.

oh and i tag Amy G., Jamie, Amy E., and Carrie.

I am: preggo
I want: to be a stay-at-home mom
I have: alot on my plate
I wish: this pregnancy will go 100% great!
I hate: when people are mean to others
I miss: Training Table
I hear: brinnon playing with his toys
I wonder: if i will be a great mother
I regret: argueing with logan
I am not: a super active person
I dance: with the babies
I sing: at church, but super quietly lol
I cry: when I get overwhelmed
I am not always: the person i want to be
I make with my hands: art
I write: on my blogs
I confuse: my dreams for reality lol
I need: a vacation & a nap
I should: clean my room tonight
I start: my day with throwing up
I finish: work at 5 or 6

Monday, May 07, 2007

i cant believe it...

since we have been married!! wow! and we have a baby on the way! time flies!! i love you logan!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

lets take a poll....

whatcha think??

tell me what you think tomorrow we will all find out!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

In just 2 days.....

we will be here:

This is Cape Lookout State Park on the Oregon Coast. Logan and I decided for our 2nd Anniversary we would go here. We love camping, i havnt been to the Oregon coast, and we desperatly need alone time. So its a good combo to go here. We leave right after our appointment on Thursay morning (when we find the sex of the baby!!!) we will be staying at Cape Lookout until Sunday the 6th! so excited for this. We're packing up our stuff, jumpin in the car with Dannon and off we go! it will be nice, even if it rains, which im sure it will! lol.

hope everyone is having a great day!