Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Belated Mothers Day!!

A day late and a penny short..

or whatever they say right? anywho hope everyone had a great Mothers day. Ours was low key and nice. We went out to Logan's mom and step dads house and stayed the night saturday night. It was nice weather saturday afternoon so logan road his bike. it was great to see him so HAPPY! then once we got there Larry and Jerry (logans step dad and brother) butchered one of the cows, Bessy (they live on a farm) it was sad but i totally understand the whole thing. I stayed inside mostly and watched movie and after movie making a baby blanket for Kason. Got alot done, which was good! :) Sunday we went to church with his Mom and his sister and brother are in the same ward so we talked and hung out a bit. Then went back to his moms house and had some Elk steak and chicken. it was yummy! :)

all in all it was a great low key relaxing weekend. the only thing bad about it was coming home to a HUGE mess in our room. i hate how all we own is either in a small room or in storage. i miss our apartment, i miss keeping the bathroom door open when i shower (lol im werid) i miss making our own dinners and having friends over. But i am EXTREAMLY greatful i have my parents and that they allow us to stay with them during this time when we really need them. Logan offically doesnt have a job, but he is steadily looking. i have faith he will find one very soon.

well hope everyone has a great day, nice and sunny here!

and of course i cannot and will not forget to say

Thats right logan is 26 today! WOW!!! i LOVE you babe! hope you have a great day today!!! :)


Carrie said...

I didn't know it was Logan's birthday yesterday! I'm so sorry...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOGAN!!! :)

Amy said...

Me too me too! Happy Birthday Logan and good luck job hunting. :) Remember when you came to Utah to do job hunting? you should do that again, it was fun, AND you can leave the door open when you shower. When we leave our bathroom door open when we shower it makes our smoke alarms go off - count your blessings. :)