Friday, May 11, 2007

random posting

lately i have been into peach and mango flavor. normal i dont like mango, and sometime peach but this last week or two i have been LOVING it! my mom bought this gum for Halie and Gracie and i kept sneaking some lol. so finally i thought about it while i was at the store and picked it up.

also my mom had talking rain-orange mango flavor and it was SO yummy! i wanted more and more of it! lol. i guess your taste does change once you get preggo! lol :) anywho.. not alot going on. glad its the weekend. spend time wtih family. we are going out to Val and Larry's saturday night and spending the night. I love being out there. Dannon loves it too!!! also spook (their cat) had babies and hopefully ill be able to see them. She usually hides them for a while. I'm not the biggest cat fan, but i love kittens. they are cute. well hope everyone had a great week and have a fun mothers day!


The Riggle's said...

Taste does sure change when you are pregnant. I ate maraschino cherries like they were going out of style. I like them regularly, but when I was pregnant both times i would eat them out of the jar regularly. I bought a lot of them while I was pregnant. The opposite also seemed to be true. Things I loved I suddenly didn't like that much and oddly enough I never really got the taste for again, like rocky road ice cream. I like it but not like I used to.

Carrie said...

Mine was Grape Nuts and Shredded Wheat cereals. Went through BOXES of them! Ate them every day, sometimes twice!