Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hello there!!

hey everyone! it has been forever since i have posted! sorry!! a bit to update you all on.

First off this past weekend was a blast! as usual my family headed on out to the Beach and Logan and I joined this year. It was fun until the rain hit as well as the vomiting! Long story short about 10 people got nasty sick at the beach, thats inculding Logan and I. Not Fun! but other than that it was pretty nice. the weather wasnt TOO bad and it was just great to be around family.

I had a doctors appointment thursday before we left on vacation. everything is fine. she measured me, and checked his heart beat. Everything is perfect she said. i really like my doctor. she is nice and tells us how things are so thats good.

well not to much more to say really. I am back at work! the family i nanny for went on vacation and i had a week to clean up the house, take care of their pets, and be with just Brinnon. It was nice but i missed the noise of Ethan running around and Addie's coo's.

Have a great day everyone!

(i will leave you with a picture i found on the internet of a beach we visited on Sunday-Ruby Beach) I will post my pictures soon

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Amy said...

That is BEAUTIFUL! Too bad you were sick. LOL. Been there, done that.