Friday, May 30, 2008

learning new things

if you have not noticed in the pictures from the beach, logan's hair is well... getting long, well its a big ol' puff. his hair just gets curlier and curlier as he gets older and as it gets longer. So he finally decided that he had to get cut, so he told me i could cut it. I have been telling him i could cut it, but he always went somewhere to get it done. so i was excited to learn how to do it, yes i have never cut hair. so we got everything out, and had to take before pictures:(please excuse the bad lighting, our kitchen has florecent lighting-yucko) you sure you wanna do this???a view of his puff from the back before we got startedlogan had me cut it into a mullett to start with, yes i actually did it-sad i know.. lol

yay! we are finally done!!! and here is a back view of his hair after we got all done.
i think i did a pretty good job for my first time ever!! :)
it was nerve racking because logan was sitting there -make sure you get everything, are you sure you are getting all the hair? on and on he went, seriously duct tape would have been handy! lol but i know he was just as nervous as me.

Well i dont have much planned today, or this weekend, which is the first ever. Seriously we are always busy on the weekends, i am happy we finally are not busy. our apartment has been neglected for a while and logan has tests to study for, so he is going to be studing all weekend while Kason and I play together and clean during naps and happy times.

well im going to go, breakfast is calling my name! and Kason. lol

Thursday, May 29, 2008

memorial day weekend recap

hey everyone, hope you had a great weekend. we sure did. Every year since i was really little, like 6 maybe we have always gone to the beach for memorial day weekend. we stay at Pacific Beach. Its tons of fun and its great to hang out with family.

I didnt have to work on Friday so Kason and I slept in and Logan went to school until 1pm. then once he got home we packed everything up and headed out to the beach. we made a stop at Briana's house to get a front pack to haul Kason around in on the beach. such a great idea came in handy.

We got out to the beach at about 5pm. we stopped to get lunch and at Walmart to get snacks for the weekend. Once we got there we unpacked and played with the kiddos until dinner. See we have SO many people come that we have to get 3 houses that have 3-4 bedrooms each. So each house made a dinner one night this weekend. After dinner we played in the huge grassy backyard and enjoyed the beautiful sunset, and of course took a few pictures of Maegan and I.

super pretty huh??

Maegan and I. i think this is the only serious picture of us taken that night lol.
after getting pictures and playing outside we all came in and played games. it was fun, and i was super duper crazy! lol i had the giggles half the night and pretty much out of it. it was fun. we also played the wii and played mario cart racing, so much fun! love it!

Saturday we were suppose to get up and go to Ruby beach, but we all decided to stick it close and hang around ocean shores. we hit some shops and then ate lunch at a 50's diner we like there. We then went to the Jetty, the weather was absoulty beautiful, couldn't be any better!
my mom and me!!

my sister Amy and our MomMy Dad and his mom, Grandma ClineMe and my dad, pretty picture huh???

Brinnon, isn't he such a cutie? and getting BIG!!Kason and I at the JettyFamily picture, not the best but hey it worksour happy boy, he is 8 months now!! crazy!!I love the water hitting the rocks, so pretty!

Saturday night we hung around the house and played games, that was alot of fun, and i think i wasn't as slap happy, but still a little loopy. lol.
Sunday we went bowling. They have a bowling alley there and we rented out the building for two hours and bowled our little hearts out. it was fun. the kids had their own lane and the adults split the rest. it was awesome!

crazy andrew!Maegan, Matthew, and Adenmaegan and grandma cline (my mom) bowlingKason fell asleep through all the loud noise!my grandpa mcguire bowling.

That night we ate dinner and had smoothies. It was a great day.
We then watched National Treasure 2, awesome movie.
Monday we packed up and head out back home. It was a great long weekend and we really enjoyed the vacation!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

an answer

its not the one i was praying for, but its an anwer. I have always been told that when you pray to Heavenly Father for an anwer he will always respond, but it may be not be the answer you wanted or in the way you wanted.

Kason has been sick. When he gets a cold, it quickly turns into something way worse, always accompained by wheezing. Well the Doctor told us last time she thinks it might be asthma, but we would have to wait and see.
Saturday Kason developed a barky cough, and by wednesday morning he was wheezing horriably, coughing, snotty, the works. he looked horriable. so we took him in, and she checked him out, and diagnosed him with Asthma.
He has a daily steriod that he takes in an enhaler that he takes in the mornings, and one with abuterol for short term use when we are out and about and if he has an episode and cant breath great.
For this cold, he has to have the nebulizer every 6 hours until Saturday or Sunday, depends on how he is.

we finally figured out everything that is wrong with Kason, whats causing him to be so sick all the time, but i dont think its the answer i wanted. i know its not the answer i wanted. what mother would want their child to be sick all the time, have issues breathing, and if he gets a tiny cold it turns into be something WAY worse.
I know that he will be okay, and its good that we figured all this out while he was so young. i hope that he will out grow this.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh for the love...

Okay so Wednesday was Logan's birthday. We are having a BBQ with some friends tonight, and well Birthday's are not that important to Logan. So he didnt really care what he did. So i convinced him he wanted to go to Cold Stone. lol. So after enrichment meeting i came home, and after he finally got ready we packed Kason in the car at 9:10pm and hit the Coldstone. As we pulled up, we noticed it was closed. SERIOUSLY CLOSED? at 9:25pm it was closed. What happen to 10? so logan decided we would try to go across town to the other one, just to see if that one had different times. Well finally we got there (after hitting almost every redlight on the way seriously) and guess what-CLOSED. well there is a McDonalds right across the street, so we drive over there, get into the drive-thru and start to make our oder.
logan- "um.... one med. oreo McFlurry please...."
Drive-Thru dude- "Sorry sir we are totally out of ice cream"
logan- "what? how can you be out of ice cream?"
Laura (me)- "Oh for the love" (thanks Amy E. for introducing me to that saying)
Drive-Thru Dude- "yeah the machine is down."
Logan-"Well no thanks then." and pulls out of the drive-thru. We then decide to go to the Dairy Queen all the way by the first Cold Stone we went to. Logan gets off the exit, and we forget that that exit you can only turn right and we wanted left, so we took a detour around town and got the Dairy Queen, ordered our food. here is goes
Logan- "One med. chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard, extra scoop of cookie dough please"
Drive-Thru dude- "anything else sir"
logan- "yes, do you still have the MINT oreo blizzards"
Drive-Thru dude- "yes we do"
Logan- "one large MINT oreo please"
we pull up to the drive thru, we pay, they hand us my cookiedough blizzard, and then we wait, and wait some more. Finally he comes to the window.
Drive-Thru dude-"sorry sir i made it wrong the first time, here you go."
logan-"thanks" and we pull away. well we started down the road, and we started on our blizzards. Logan takes a few bites, and then realizes its not MINT and its regular oreo shake. he looked like a little kid who's dog just got hit by a car. seriously sad.
me-"turn around"
logan-"no, i just want to get home now"
so yeah that was logan's grand birthday night!! lol.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

guess who is a LAMO

yeah that would be me.
So a couple months ago Logan and I decided that for our third anniversary we would go camping again, like we did last year. Only thing was that we have Kason now, and well we weren't exactly sure how well he would do for four days. But we decided he would be okay and we booked our campsite at Dosiwallups State Park. Its on the sound here in the great northwest. My family has gone camping there every labor day since i was REALLY little. so we packed the car after Logan's double hitter softball game on Thursday, got to bed at 1 in the morning, and after a half day of work and school we hit the road. Of course guess who is the LAMO and forgot her CAMERA!! yeah that would be ME! so i have no pictures of Kason's first camping trip. Of course there will be tons of more trips, but still. i pouted. lol. Anywho. It was a fantastic trip. It hardly rained at all, like maybe a couple hours the whole time! it was sunny and pretty warm. Kason did awesome. He loved being outside all the time. And he slept through the night in his playpen. we will defiently be making more trips this summer. we want to go to a few places around Dosiwallups that we checked out while we were in the area.
well here is a layout i made this morning using mostly Shawna Clingerman's YOU AND ME BABY kit, LOVE it!! i can't believe he is already 7.5 months!!!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


want to see a good movie? go see 21. its awesome. go quick because it should be out of theaters really soon, its been out a while.
go to this link to see the trailer-
its got a great mix of comedy, drama, excitment, twists, etc. its just really good.
Logan and I went out lastnight with out Kason. Auntie Rae and Uncle Kevin came over and babysat Kason for us. THANK YOU! we went to see the movie and then ate Denny's. A great night. It was weird though, not having kason with us. we missed him, but it was good to get out just the two of us.
anywho.. not much else going on. Kason has to go get a shot this afternoon, one of his shots he needed at 6months but they didnt have it at the time. So im sure i we will have a cranky baby tonight. We do have a busy night tonight. Logan is on a softball team with his Dad and our friend Brad. He has a double hitter tonight (two games). we also are leaving for a 4 day camping trip Friday afternoon that we have to pack for tonight, as well as making the foil dinner. Its going to be pretty hectic. good thing i threw dinner in the crockpot this morning so i have no fuss tonight. yay for thinking ahead lol.
well i better get going, we have a playdate with our local playgroup and i need to go to my house and pick up formula, i forgot to get Kason some more. oops. talk to you all later.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

three years and a baby later

it has been three years since we were married in the Portland, Or temple!

seriously three years? already? as Rae said this morning "three years already? i remember your wedding day like the back of my hand" lol Rae we love ya! :) i can't believe its been three years. we have grown so much. we have moved off to utah and back. started a beautiful family. started school, gone through heartaches, dissapointments, laughter, love, special moments, happy times, silly times, and we are looking forward to becoming closer through out the next fifty years and 11 more children! that's for you Clara.

no we are not having 12 kids, but Clara thinks cause im lds i need 12!! :) love ya!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Kason Update

Okay so a while ago, well last week Kason got really sick again. I think i wrote that on here. Well if you didnt know, Kason gets sick ALOT. everytime he catches a cold he gets really sick. He has been on antibotics twice now, steriods, abuterol, he has his own nebulizer. so well we were talking to the doctor because it wasnt getting better this time and this is after using the nebuilzer every four hours, and daily dose of steriods. He got a chest x-ray because she wasn't sure if it was phenomia, after waiting for ever in a waiting room, getting a 2 second x-ray and taking it back to the doctors, he does not have phenomia. She thinks he has Asthma, but she said that she wants to make sure before she puts him on a daily med. So if this happens again or if his antibotics that he is taking now for brochulatis (he has had this twice) doesnt work then he will be on a daily med for asthma. So far the antibotics are doing okay, but we are only a couple days into a 5 day treatment.

Other than all that he is doing great. he is always happy so besides being able to hear him weeze like an old man who has been smoking for 70 years, you would be able to tell he is sick. oh yeah and his nasty deep cough too.

here are some pictures for you. the ones in the highchair are from yesterday at lunch, and the ones of him sleeping are of this morning as i was getting us ready for playgroup. he loves to have anything that is fabric by his face when he sleeps. well he found this pink shirt on the ground for one of Addie's dolls. i thought it was too cute.