Friday, May 30, 2008

learning new things

if you have not noticed in the pictures from the beach, logan's hair is well... getting long, well its a big ol' puff. his hair just gets curlier and curlier as he gets older and as it gets longer. So he finally decided that he had to get cut, so he told me i could cut it. I have been telling him i could cut it, but he always went somewhere to get it done. so i was excited to learn how to do it, yes i have never cut hair. so we got everything out, and had to take before pictures:(please excuse the bad lighting, our kitchen has florecent lighting-yucko) you sure you wanna do this???a view of his puff from the back before we got startedlogan had me cut it into a mullett to start with, yes i actually did it-sad i know.. lol

yay! we are finally done!!! and here is a back view of his hair after we got all done.
i think i did a pretty good job for my first time ever!! :)
it was nerve racking because logan was sitting there -make sure you get everything, are you sure you are getting all the hair? on and on he went, seriously duct tape would have been handy! lol but i know he was just as nervous as me.

Well i dont have much planned today, or this weekend, which is the first ever. Seriously we are always busy on the weekends, i am happy we finally are not busy. our apartment has been neglected for a while and logan has tests to study for, so he is going to be studing all weekend while Kason and I play together and clean during naps and happy times.

well im going to go, breakfast is calling my name! and Kason. lol

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