Wednesday, May 07, 2008

three years and a baby later

it has been three years since we were married in the Portland, Or temple!

seriously three years? already? as Rae said this morning "three years already? i remember your wedding day like the back of my hand" lol Rae we love ya! :) i can't believe its been three years. we have grown so much. we have moved off to utah and back. started a beautiful family. started school, gone through heartaches, dissapointments, laughter, love, special moments, happy times, silly times, and we are looking forward to becoming closer through out the next fifty years and 11 more children! that's for you Clara.

no we are not having 12 kids, but Clara thinks cause im lds i need 12!! :) love ya!


Amy said...

Well, if they're all as cute as Kason you might as well have 12! :) Congrats on 3 years, that's fantastic!

The Riggle's said...

Come on now...all catholics and mormons have 12 babies. I think it is in the US constitution or something. Plus the more kids you have the better chance you have of one of them growing up to be a doctor and taking care of your sick butt when you are old, right?? My luck is down with only two. Hmmm....maybe I should change churches so that I am required my Clara's law to have 10 more babies...No freaking way. I'll leave the 11 Kason look-alikes to you. Love ya!!

Oh yeah! Yay for 3 years!! Whoohoo!!!