Tuesday, May 13, 2008

guess who is a LAMO

yeah that would be me.
So a couple months ago Logan and I decided that for our third anniversary we would go camping again, like we did last year. Only thing was that we have Kason now, and well we weren't exactly sure how well he would do for four days. But we decided he would be okay and we booked our campsite at Dosiwallups State Park. Its on the sound here in the great northwest. My family has gone camping there every labor day since i was REALLY little. so we packed the car after Logan's double hitter softball game on Thursday, got to bed at 1 in the morning, and after a half day of work and school we hit the road. Of course guess who is the LAMO and forgot her CAMERA!! yeah that would be ME! so i have no pictures of Kason's first camping trip. Of course there will be tons of more trips, but still. i pouted. lol. Anywho. It was a fantastic trip. It hardly rained at all, like maybe a couple hours the whole time! it was sunny and pretty warm. Kason did awesome. He loved being outside all the time. And he slept through the night in his playpen. we will defiently be making more trips this summer. we want to go to a few places around Dosiwallups that we checked out while we were in the area.
well here is a layout i made this morning using mostly Shawna Clingerman's YOU AND ME BABY kit, LOVE it!! i can't believe he is already 7.5 months!!!!


AmyG said...

very cute!

Jamie said...

That sucks that you forgot your camera! I would have pouted too :) Cute layout and picture :)