Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh for the love...

Okay so Wednesday was Logan's birthday. We are having a BBQ with some friends tonight, and well Birthday's are not that important to Logan. So he didnt really care what he did. So i convinced him he wanted to go to Cold Stone. lol. So after enrichment meeting i came home, and after he finally got ready we packed Kason in the car at 9:10pm and hit the Coldstone. As we pulled up, we noticed it was closed. SERIOUSLY CLOSED? at 9:25pm it was closed. What happen to 10? so logan decided we would try to go across town to the other one, just to see if that one had different times. Well finally we got there (after hitting almost every redlight on the way seriously) and guess what-CLOSED. well there is a McDonalds right across the street, so we drive over there, get into the drive-thru and start to make our oder.
logan- "um.... one med. oreo McFlurry please...."
Drive-Thru dude- "Sorry sir we are totally out of ice cream"
logan- "what? how can you be out of ice cream?"
Laura (me)- "Oh for the love" (thanks Amy E. for introducing me to that saying)
Drive-Thru Dude- "yeah the machine is down."
Logan-"Well no thanks then." and pulls out of the drive-thru. We then decide to go to the Dairy Queen all the way by the first Cold Stone we went to. Logan gets off the exit, and we forget that that exit you can only turn right and we wanted left, so we took a detour around town and got the Dairy Queen, ordered our food. here is goes
Logan- "One med. chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard, extra scoop of cookie dough please"
Drive-Thru dude- "anything else sir"
logan- "yes, do you still have the MINT oreo blizzards"
Drive-Thru dude- "yes we do"
Logan- "one large MINT oreo please"
we pull up to the drive thru, we pay, they hand us my cookiedough blizzard, and then we wait, and wait some more. Finally he comes to the window.
Drive-Thru dude-"sorry sir i made it wrong the first time, here you go."
logan-"thanks" and we pull away. well we started down the road, and we started on our blizzards. Logan takes a few bites, and then realizes its not MINT and its regular oreo shake. he looked like a little kid who's dog just got hit by a car. seriously sad.
me-"turn around"
logan-"no, i just want to get home now"
so yeah that was logan's grand birthday night!! lol.


Amy said...

And situations JUST LIKE THAT are the whole reason someone first decided to say "oh for the love". :) Don't you just hate nights like that? ugh.

AmyG said...

poor guy! that sucks.

Jamie said...

That totally sucks! Definently a "for the love" moment :)