Thursday, May 29, 2008

memorial day weekend recap

hey everyone, hope you had a great weekend. we sure did. Every year since i was really little, like 6 maybe we have always gone to the beach for memorial day weekend. we stay at Pacific Beach. Its tons of fun and its great to hang out with family.

I didnt have to work on Friday so Kason and I slept in and Logan went to school until 1pm. then once he got home we packed everything up and headed out to the beach. we made a stop at Briana's house to get a front pack to haul Kason around in on the beach. such a great idea came in handy.

We got out to the beach at about 5pm. we stopped to get lunch and at Walmart to get snacks for the weekend. Once we got there we unpacked and played with the kiddos until dinner. See we have SO many people come that we have to get 3 houses that have 3-4 bedrooms each. So each house made a dinner one night this weekend. After dinner we played in the huge grassy backyard and enjoyed the beautiful sunset, and of course took a few pictures of Maegan and I.

super pretty huh??

Maegan and I. i think this is the only serious picture of us taken that night lol.
after getting pictures and playing outside we all came in and played games. it was fun, and i was super duper crazy! lol i had the giggles half the night and pretty much out of it. it was fun. we also played the wii and played mario cart racing, so much fun! love it!

Saturday we were suppose to get up and go to Ruby beach, but we all decided to stick it close and hang around ocean shores. we hit some shops and then ate lunch at a 50's diner we like there. We then went to the Jetty, the weather was absoulty beautiful, couldn't be any better!
my mom and me!!

my sister Amy and our MomMy Dad and his mom, Grandma ClineMe and my dad, pretty picture huh???

Brinnon, isn't he such a cutie? and getting BIG!!Kason and I at the JettyFamily picture, not the best but hey it worksour happy boy, he is 8 months now!! crazy!!I love the water hitting the rocks, so pretty!

Saturday night we hung around the house and played games, that was alot of fun, and i think i wasn't as slap happy, but still a little loopy. lol.
Sunday we went bowling. They have a bowling alley there and we rented out the building for two hours and bowled our little hearts out. it was fun. the kids had their own lane and the adults split the rest. it was awesome!

crazy andrew!Maegan, Matthew, and Adenmaegan and grandma cline (my mom) bowlingKason fell asleep through all the loud noise!my grandpa mcguire bowling.

That night we ate dinner and had smoothies. It was a great day.
We then watched National Treasure 2, awesome movie.
Monday we packed up and head out back home. It was a great long weekend and we really enjoyed the vacation!

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Nadeau Family said...

Okay, we were at Ocean Shores all weekend, too - we stayed at Ocean City State Park! Too bad we didn't know you were there....we could have hung out....sounds like you guys were pretty busy, though. Great pictures!