Thursday, May 22, 2008

an answer

its not the one i was praying for, but its an anwer. I have always been told that when you pray to Heavenly Father for an anwer he will always respond, but it may be not be the answer you wanted or in the way you wanted.

Kason has been sick. When he gets a cold, it quickly turns into something way worse, always accompained by wheezing. Well the Doctor told us last time she thinks it might be asthma, but we would have to wait and see.
Saturday Kason developed a barky cough, and by wednesday morning he was wheezing horriably, coughing, snotty, the works. he looked horriable. so we took him in, and she checked him out, and diagnosed him with Asthma.
He has a daily steriod that he takes in an enhaler that he takes in the mornings, and one with abuterol for short term use when we are out and about and if he has an episode and cant breath great.
For this cold, he has to have the nebulizer every 6 hours until Saturday or Sunday, depends on how he is.

we finally figured out everything that is wrong with Kason, whats causing him to be so sick all the time, but i dont think its the answer i wanted. i know its not the answer i wanted. what mother would want their child to be sick all the time, have issues breathing, and if he gets a tiny cold it turns into be something WAY worse.
I know that he will be okay, and its good that we figured all this out while he was so young. i hope that he will out grow this.


Nadeau Family said...

The good news is that they say a lot of babies with asthma can grow out of it by age 3 - so let's hope for that!! At least you know what's wrong....

Jamie said...

I'm glad you guys were able to figure out what was wrong. Cameron developed asthma when he was 4 months old, but luckily it has never held him back from paritcipating in sports or anything. I hope Kason grows out of it, but at least if he doesn't there are lots of ways to control it.