Thursday, May 01, 2008

Kason Update

Okay so a while ago, well last week Kason got really sick again. I think i wrote that on here. Well if you didnt know, Kason gets sick ALOT. everytime he catches a cold he gets really sick. He has been on antibotics twice now, steriods, abuterol, he has his own nebulizer. so well we were talking to the doctor because it wasnt getting better this time and this is after using the nebuilzer every four hours, and daily dose of steriods. He got a chest x-ray because she wasn't sure if it was phenomia, after waiting for ever in a waiting room, getting a 2 second x-ray and taking it back to the doctors, he does not have phenomia. She thinks he has Asthma, but she said that she wants to make sure before she puts him on a daily med. So if this happens again or if his antibotics that he is taking now for brochulatis (he has had this twice) doesnt work then he will be on a daily med for asthma. So far the antibotics are doing okay, but we are only a couple days into a 5 day treatment.

Other than all that he is doing great. he is always happy so besides being able to hear him weeze like an old man who has been smoking for 70 years, you would be able to tell he is sick. oh yeah and his nasty deep cough too.

here are some pictures for you. the ones in the highchair are from yesterday at lunch, and the ones of him sleeping are of this morning as i was getting us ready for playgroup. he loves to have anything that is fabric by his face when he sleeps. well he found this pink shirt on the ground for one of Addie's dolls. i thought it was too cute.

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