Tuesday, August 25, 2009

some pictures finally

Dutchess, such a wonderful dog
Kason loves to push this toy around

and everywhere
my handsom boy

Harley Dave, a spunky fun dog

where there is water he will find it... and love itdannon is fully enjoying herself out here too.beautiful lillys

mr. kason monkey
this is the look he guves me when he wants something

these last three pictures are from my grandma's house in June. She had those beautiful flowers and then some bees wanted to enjoy them too. so i snuck in there and got some shots.
then the strawberries.. i love that white one. totally orginal.
here are the pictures as promised yesterday. there are ALOT more but i am crunched on time so maybe later!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

i have found heaven

in the form of a sandwich.
it is super yummy
and tasty
and to die for
I have found the love of
Tomato Sandwiches.
really they are.
Super simple too. All you need is:
Bread (i toast mine.. its the only way to eat them i swear)
a good helping of mayo
and of course fresh tomatos!
toast your bread and then spead a thick layer of mayo on both pieces.
slice your tomatoes about 1/4 or thicker if you like too. i put two good slices on mine. then place them on your bread and eat
they are addictive
so watch out
they are so so so goooodddddd!
i cant get enough of these. had two today lol
bad girl laura
anywho not too much going on here. Its nice and sunny outside and im taking shelter inside for some cool air for a bit.
my rabbit finally had some babies, but unfortantlly they died.. all 6. so we will try again sooner or later
one of the dogs here, Fergie, is preggo and will have her pups in the second week of September. im super excited about that.
she is a super pretty golden lab.
i have been learning how to can!! pretty cool huh!?
its not hard and scarey like i thought it would be. its fun! really im not lying
canning is fun
and the food is always SUPER yummy too. tonight we are doing peaches i believe. lastnight was tomatoes.
anywho... well i better be on my way... i will upload pictures tomorrow hopefuly!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I have recently (well 5 weeks ago) started training for my first 5k that will be in September.
Check out my blog that i will update 3 times a week about my runs.
i already posted one post to explain the name.. you will understand soon enough.
check it out!!

Monday, August 03, 2009

I am alive.

I am finally updating this sad poor neglected blog.
Sorry for all those avid blog readers and stalkers. :)
Lets see...
Well we moved as i mentioned before in my last post.
The move went well. We had a lot of help and had almost everything packed which was wonderful to have accomplished. We had a lot of family help out on both ends of the move and it was nice to hang out and have my family out here after got stuff moved. We had a BBQ and swam in the pool and just hung out.
Shortly after we moved i got rabbits. Two Holland Lops, male and female.
Farley the male is orange and white and Molly the female is all gray with some white here and there.
We should have baby rabbits by the 16-23 this month. that will be exciting. we are going to sell the babies, so if anyone is looking for a nice easy going pet let me know. they wont get over 4lbs full grown and they are great with kids. Kason loves them!!
Kason is doing super well with the move and LOVES it out here. We dont have cable and we have super slow internet so we play all day and learn new songs and run around outside and play with the animals as much as possible.
Kason is picking up so much.
He just turned 22 months on July 28th.
This is more for my memory's sake that anything else-
-He is loving fruit this summer. Banana's are his favorite.
-He is repeating everything we say and do
-He loves to help clean and will run around doing what im doing (laundry, sweeping, dusting etc.)
-He is a Papa's boy. He loves his grandpa's (and grandmas) and will call for them all the time.
-He wants to wear a "papa shirt" (which we figured out was a plaid shirt) just like Larry. lol
-He is loving nursery at church and loves to play with Braxton (his cousin) and Allison (our friends little girl)
-Naps have been a struggle since we moved out here. He can hear everyone moving around and talking.. also he is taking shorter naps!! (hopefully this will stop and he will go back to long naps again! lol)
-Loves the quads and will ask to RIDE all day long and put on the big helmets.
-Loves tools. He will sit and take a screw driver and "fix" his hotwheels ride on quad for hours at a time.
-Loves to Swim. He is out in the pool more than he is not in it. He is now kicking, jumping off the ladder, and trying to lay on his back.
-He is a hat boy. He got his first baseball cap two weeks ago and wears it constantly. He actually keeps it on him too!!

SO thats enough about Kason for now :)
We got to go to a Mariners game a bit back it was AWESOME! my first one ever and it was so much fun! We were only 7 rows from the field right by first base and right feild. We were close to Ichiro!
anywho... not much else going on
OH Logan got his Aprenticeship last month!! he starts in the start of September!! we are so excited and happy for him!!
well i think i will get off and get busy finishing up Harry Potter 5!! (im re-reading all the books once again)