Monday, August 24, 2009

i have found heaven

in the form of a sandwich.
it is super yummy
and tasty
and to die for
I have found the love of
Tomato Sandwiches.
really they are.
Super simple too. All you need is:
Bread (i toast mine.. its the only way to eat them i swear)
a good helping of mayo
and of course fresh tomatos!
toast your bread and then spead a thick layer of mayo on both pieces.
slice your tomatoes about 1/4 or thicker if you like too. i put two good slices on mine. then place them on your bread and eat
they are addictive
so watch out
they are so so so goooodddddd!
i cant get enough of these. had two today lol
bad girl laura
anywho not too much going on here. Its nice and sunny outside and im taking shelter inside for some cool air for a bit.
my rabbit finally had some babies, but unfortantlly they died.. all 6. so we will try again sooner or later
one of the dogs here, Fergie, is preggo and will have her pups in the second week of September. im super excited about that.
she is a super pretty golden lab.
i have been learning how to can!! pretty cool huh!?
its not hard and scarey like i thought it would be. its fun! really im not lying
canning is fun
and the food is always SUPER yummy too. tonight we are doing peaches i believe. lastnight was tomatoes.
anywho... well i better be on my way... i will upload pictures tomorrow hopefuly!

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