Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I havn't scrapped a boy LO in a while, and i got this super cute kit from digiscrappin! im back on their team and i might even start selling my doodles!! I doodled the alpha, and the frame on Matthew's LO. Today was a good day. Sarah had her twins, Bryce and Baby A and i went down and said hello. Held baby A and wow they are so CUTE!! They are healthy and beautiful! congrats Sarah and Scott! Anywho its SO late and if Logan wasnt asleep i wouldnt hear the end of it.. yes i still get grumpy when im tired in the morning lol.. im better though even ask logan! lol anywho.. well im out to bed hope you all had a good day! love you

Saturday, April 15, 2006

just some Layouts

Here are a couple layouts i did over the last few days... the one that says love has alot of my doodles on it! i love how it turned out.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Art Journal

Rhonna Farrer ( is doing a 21 day Art Journal... well its the second round.. but the whole thing is like this: it takes 21 days to form a habit. So she started a 21 day art journal.. each day you do a page and she provides a quote and you just go off of it.. the quotes are all related to keeping goals... thats the other part. As we do this Art Journal you commit to something to want to form.. For me its being healthy... walking each day, eating better, going to sleep earlier, etc. I have been doing a good job, and to be honest this journal has helped alot... This is my third type of Journal and i LOVE it! I have kept the normal kind of journal since i was 12. This in Feburary i started a Quote Journal, I just write down quotes i like, love, inpire me.. etc... and now this Art Journal.. which im going to keep doing long long long after the 21 days are over.. i want to have alot to pass on to my kids.. and i think Journals are wonderful! Anywho here are what my pages look like.. its my art so its not perfect and i like it that way.. i dont paint in the lines, my colors mix, and its my style.. so no laughin lol.. anywho...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

We have an Annoucment....

WE GOT TWINS... Well Gold Fish Twins ( not Indentical) lol...Arnt they the cutes little guys?
Logan and I picked them up yesterday at Petco after our very fun packed day! First Logan went Shooting with Brad and Cameron, While i stayed home and worked on my art Journal.. Then Logan got home and we packed up some snacks and a fresbie and heading south to Provo Canyon... we drove around there, we both havent been ther before (well logan has once but it was at night a few years ago.) Anywho well its was so much fun! We followed the river all the way up to the BIG lake and we Went to Heber and got Ice Cream Cones from McDonalds then headed back down, stopping a few times here and there to check everything out... camp sites, the river, views, etc. THen We stopped at this park, Provo Canyon Glen Park and played Fresbie! it was a blast! Then we got back into town, got the fish which we each picked out one and named it... and that one we picked out is for the other person! I named the white one Sophia and Logan Named his Fester, then went to Smiths and Bought Croncials of Narnia (At Smiths if you bought the movie you got a 12 pack of coke products, 2 bags of dole lettuce, and a red Barron Pizza... YUM! Then we picked up a pack of ice cream mix, came home and made Strawberry home made ice cream (thanks amy for the maker!) and had pizza and watched the movie with Brad and HIs friend... Then Today it was so nice we headed down to the local park by us and played some fresbie and then walked 3 miles! it was a blast! LOVED IT! anywho well gotta go! love you and miss you all!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Can I please speak to Mother Nature...

"Hello Mother Nature? Laura McGee here... Just checking on you to see if your okay... See its Spring.. April 6th and well.. um... I think your a little mixed up... because I woke up this morning, not birds singing, and flowers blooming, but to rain and SNOW! HELLO LADY! SNOW?" Okay i know i cant just call her up and talk about the weather, but ug! I LOVE THE SNOW please dont get me wrong, but i LOVE the SNOW in WINTER! not On my birthday or really close to EASTER! what happened to monday and tuesday... 70? ice cream cones from Mickey D's on the way home from work? Oh well... The sun will come soon enough and melt this all away and then bust out and scream 100 degrees... at least that means swimming right? lol Have a great day everyone

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Hey there everyone, sorry its been a long time, got busy again with work and everything! Anywho things are great here, loving my job! Logan got Brad to switch over to where he works, so now Brad is working with Logan and they both love it... SPRING IS HERE! well sort of... it comes and goes.. like Sunday it was 70 and then monday 70 then Tuesday and Wednesday 50-60 but POURING rain with winds like i have never seen before, and then thunder and lighting that shook the windows! Crazy!! And it even tried to SNOW today! Mother Nature do you realize its already APRIL!?? lol....... Oh that LayOut Above i did yesterday with this awesome kit! from the picture i took on Sunday on Temple Square WOW i love how it turned out! well see ya all later.. oh yea Rae Update your blog sweetie! :)