Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Hey there everyone, sorry its been a long time, got busy again with work and everything! Anywho things are great here, loving my job! Logan got Brad to switch over to where he works, so now Brad is working with Logan and they both love it... SPRING IS HERE! well sort of... it comes and goes.. like Sunday it was 70 and then monday 70 then Tuesday and Wednesday 50-60 but POURING rain with winds like i have never seen before, and then thunder and lighting that shook the windows! Crazy!! And it even tried to SNOW today! Mother Nature do you realize its already APRIL!?? lol....... Oh that LayOut Above i did yesterday with this awesome kit! from the picture i took on Sunday on Temple Square WOW i love how it turned out! well see ya all later.. oh yea Rae Update your blog sweetie! :)


Amy said...


that's a standard utah spring you know :)

mom said...

Very nice Laura. I was wondering when you were going to do a new page :) love mom