Thursday, April 06, 2006

Can I please speak to Mother Nature...

"Hello Mother Nature? Laura McGee here... Just checking on you to see if your okay... See its Spring.. April 6th and well.. um... I think your a little mixed up... because I woke up this morning, not birds singing, and flowers blooming, but to rain and SNOW! HELLO LADY! SNOW?" Okay i know i cant just call her up and talk about the weather, but ug! I LOVE THE SNOW please dont get me wrong, but i LOVE the SNOW in WINTER! not On my birthday or really close to EASTER! what happened to monday and tuesday... 70? ice cream cones from Mickey D's on the way home from work? Oh well... The sun will come soon enough and melt this all away and then bust out and scream 100 degrees... at least that means swimming right? lol Have a great day everyone

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