Sunday, April 27, 2008


i haven't scrapped in a long time until the other week. Seriously i mean like months.
i finally was able to create some thing.
here are some layout shares:
That is Hannah my niece while they were on vacation.
The kit is shawna clingerman's princess of lala land Okay so i have to explain this picture. We went out to Logan's moms (this was back in early feb.) and they have one of those playskool doctor kits. well these are the glasses from it, and we had to put them on Kason. he looked so funny!! i loved it
Kit is by Shawna Clingerman its called Take me home
I took these today. Kason will be 7 months TOMORROW! seriously insane!! today he has been a total pill with eating. he keeps grabbing the spoon and flinging food everywhere. seriously it is annoying, but look at him, who couldnt but smile at that face!! :)

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The Riggle's said...

You've been scrapping...I'm impressed. I am out of scrap mojo for now. Too bad. I'll get in a groove again soon I'm sure.