Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cute pj's

so Kason has a ton of cute clothes, but for some reason i love him in bright stripes. they are adorable on him. so i took some pictures of him yesterday in his jammies that i kept him in all day long so i could enjoy them more, he is about to grow out of them!!
a bit blurry but still cute

hello therehe loves to take out his binky and play with it, and try to put it backokay so clearly this is NOT the best picture of Kason but it cracks me up!!! just caught him at the wrong moment. lol

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shawna said...

Laura! we totally had those pj's too for Reece, and i LOVED them!!! I already can't wait to see Tennyson in them! They are the cutest!

Kason looks adorable!