Thursday, May 08, 2008


want to see a good movie? go see 21. its awesome. go quick because it should be out of theaters really soon, its been out a while.
go to this link to see the trailer-
its got a great mix of comedy, drama, excitment, twists, etc. its just really good.
Logan and I went out lastnight with out Kason. Auntie Rae and Uncle Kevin came over and babysat Kason for us. THANK YOU! we went to see the movie and then ate Denny's. A great night. It was weird though, not having kason with us. we missed him, but it was good to get out just the two of us.
anywho.. not much else going on. Kason has to go get a shot this afternoon, one of his shots he needed at 6months but they didnt have it at the time. So im sure i we will have a cranky baby tonight. We do have a busy night tonight. Logan is on a softball team with his Dad and our friend Brad. He has a double hitter tonight (two games). we also are leaving for a 4 day camping trip Friday afternoon that we have to pack for tonight, as well as making the foil dinner. Its going to be pretty hectic. good thing i threw dinner in the crockpot this morning so i have no fuss tonight. yay for thinking ahead lol.
well i better get going, we have a playdate with our local playgroup and i need to go to my house and pick up formula, i forgot to get Kason some more. oops. talk to you all later.

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