Wednesday, May 30, 2007

he's a kicker

So about 2 weeks ago i started to feel the little guy. a little here and a little there, mostly felt like a butterfly or a fish in my stomach lol. But about the 3 days i feel him ALL the time and its more defined than a butterfly or a fish. Right now as i am typing i can feel him kicking or moving, whatever he is doing i can feel it. sometimes i can feel his whole body move, i think those are hiccups... dont know for sure but lets just say hiccups! lol anywho well not much else going on.. i think Summer is actually here for abit. yesterday was 80 degrees and today is suppose to be 86!! I love it cause i can take Ethan and Addie out and about and be out side and its so nice for all of us! Yesterday we went to the fountain downtown, Ethan loved it and Addie was just as happy. Id stick her little feet in the water as it shot up and she was giggle! it was super cute!
well everyone i better go so have a great day!


Jamie said...

That is soooo exciting that you can feel the baby moving and kicking and stuff!

The Riggle's said...

Way cool! I can't believe you'd forget to tell me that. Crazy girl. So, you didn't like your layout? Don't you want to be just like me?!?! See you in a while.

Amy said...

What a COOL and WEIRD feeling! That's so great!