Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tuesday Date Night

How cool is it to have dinner, a movie and dessert for only 10bucks? i was pretty dang excited! lol.. there is a local pizza resteruant here that holds a deal called "Beat the clock" which means from 6pm until 8pm the time you call in and order is the price you paid. Lastnight i called in at 6:05pm and got a 14inch large 3topping pizza for only 7 dollars after tax and a charge to use my card. We ate at home, then thought we had time, lets go to the dollar theater. Which is usually 1.50$ which is only 3bucks for logan and I to see a movie. well on Tuesday its only a dollar, and we were just in time to see dukes of Hazard, which is a awesome movie! LOVE IT!!! After the movie we hit up McDonalds and i got an icecream cone, which we shared. so after everything it was 10 bucks for a wonderful evening. We have a dirty house, somewhat unpacked, and garbage to be taken out, but there is only so much you can take of it until you need a break. Lastnight was really what we needed. This morning i woke up on time, put a load of laundry in the wash, did all the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen table, and gather trash to be taken out when i get home. It was nice to get things done so early in the morning, but now im tired! lol chasing after 5-6 toddlers isnt as easy as we all think! lol anywho not much else to talk about though... just sitting on my lunch break eating salad and left over french bread... oh yeah guess who is cool? yeah me!! on monday i made my own homemade fetechine noodles, and logan made alfredo sauce... oh made so good! i got pictures ill post when i get time! well i better be on my way! love and miss you all!!!


Amy said...

you made your own noodles??? Little miss domestic!

I want to see pictures of your place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mom said...

Wow you are becoming quite the little homemaker. Homemade noodles! I have never attempted that. Was it hard? Take a word of advice, keep up on the house work before it gets piled up. It will be a lot easier to do a little bit everyday than a week of killing yourself from letting it go. Love you lots, mom

mom said...

I for got to mention in my other comments, that sounded like a great date night. I sure wish we had a dollar thearter. Thats a fairly new release too, Cool! love, mom