Friday, October 21, 2005

So Tired!

Lastnight i woke up at least 10-15 times! im so tired this morning that when Logans Alarm went off i thought it was mine and i started to cry. I have no engery to walk to work, let alone take care of a bunch of kids! Yesterday was so hard! I get to work and my co-worker wasnt coming in because she had to study. So they were going to have other people come in and help me because the ratio of children to adults is 4 to 1. Well some other co-workers are sick so they had to call mine in and she wasnt happy about that, let alone we got a new child in our class with no notice and she never has been away from her mom before so that wasnt any fun what so ever! So we had 7 kids, then one went back to the infants (she is just turning one) and then during naptime two paretns came and picked up their kids so my co-worker went home and i had four to myself. Eventually and quickly it dwendled down to only one kid by 4:30! i was shocked and amazed and then the next thing i knew, the last kid was picked up by 5pm! seriously this hardly ever happens!! So i went and helped out in the infant room until all of the babies were gone and i went home at 5:45pm and chilled on the couch waiting out my migrain which is still here this morning, alone with a HUGE stomach ache!! arg! oh well its life right? hee hee anywho well i have to go and get ready for work today! have a wonderful day everybody!


mom said...

Don't you hate it when you can't sleep good! I hate it when I dream about work all night. When I wake up to go to work I feel like I've already put in 8 hours!! It sucks!!! Hope your heads feeling beter today. Have a good one, Love Mom

Amy said...

hope you're able to catch up on some sleep chica.