Saturday, October 22, 2005

We love to Shoot!

This morning Logan, Brad, and Cameron all went shooting up in Bountiful at a shooting range. Logan had a really good time, and i was able to clean up the kitchen, and scrapbook a little. I even made Banana Bread, gotta send some pictures of it its funny! lol... dont ask ill just show you. Anywho... Logan did his shooting already so it was my turn. I took Jamie's and Cameron's Engagment photos today. Session one, im taking more tomorrow with better light. I was thinking today that i would really like to start my own business of photography, and designing annoucments, greeting cars, etc. Im thinking of a name now... im not sure what to use as my name... i dont know if i just want to use "Laura McGee Photography" or something way different that someone will always remember? i have no clue! lol a little help here! anywho.. here is one picture of the happy couple.


Rae Elizabeth said...

They are adorable!!!

mom said...

Laura that is a great picture. How old is he?

AmyG said...

laura - great picture!!! love it. Use your name for your biz. It will be easy to remember, etc. I now wish I would have done that with mine....but too late. lol