Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend updates!

a funny story! So Logan and i got tickets to the BYU game like you all already know. On saturday we got up, got our internet and cable hooked up and ate breakfast. I checked online to see what time the game really was at about 1:30pm and it said 5pm est. so we were like 3 our time lets go! so we ate the rest of our breakfast and ran out the door, we got there late at 3:15pm and there are no cars! we saw a parkinglot attendant and i rolled down my window and asked what time the game started, she said 8pm. we were 4 1/2 hours early! lol. we went to the mall there and i finally found my fall/winter candles! since i have moved here i wanted to get candles to fill the entire house with warm comforting yummy smells, and i couldnt find the right one, until we went to this store called FOR EVERY BODY and they have SO many candles!! and they are highscented!! i got GingerBread! and then i also got a 26oz candle for 3 bucks! originally 18 Dollars! its called Birthday Cake and it smells just like a cake, not like a crappy smell, but it smells exactly like it!!! im so happy i got it on sale!! anywho.. then we went to ross and i got a new pair of chuck taylor shoes! lol... more yes i know but they were only 10 bucks and they are all leather! ill take a picture!! anywho... then we went to AppleBees to get an appetizer for dinner. Here in Utah you can sit at the bar, doesnt matter your age! Its because they only serve beer. So we sat there and avoided the 20 min. wait. We Went to the game and we were in great seats! Logan patiently explained to me the rules when i questioned a few or alot of times what was going on lol! but i got it and they won!! go BYU Cougars! lol... anywho well i have to go to work! eek! i better really go! talk to you later!!!!


Mom said...

I'm so glad you finally got your cable and computer up and going. I'm glad you had fun at the game. I was talking to Kathy D. on Sunday and she was saying they watched the game and how good it was, I told her you and Logan got to go to the game she was jelous. Sounds like you got some ggod deals. I'm not sure what kind of shoes you men, all I know are your comverse and Doc Martins. I miss you, Love Mom

Cady said...

Are you guys in SLC or Provo? Good game on Saturday-go cougs!

Amy said...

Glad you had fun at the game!!!

Sounds like some yummy know I love them :)