Thursday, October 27, 2005

hey ya'll

Howdy!! yesterday was one heck of a busy day... as soon as i got home from work i quickly jumped onto the computer and started proofing jamie's pictures (sundays session) then in the middle of that i started chicken and rice casserole while i was proofing, then once it was done i stirred everything together and then ran to costco at 8:00pm got there at 8:10pm and found out they close at 8:30, but the photo lady was super awesome! she got 214 pictures printed by 8:27pm!! then i ran to wal*mart handed them to Jamie and Amy who were shopping, then i went home were logan had put the casserole into the oven. It finally cooks and then i realize I FORGOT THE CHICKEN! lol so it was a cheese and rice casserole lol! so anywho woke up this morning and got ready really really quick, then did the dishes. well anywho at work and im super tired.. going to go have a great day!


Amy said...

hahaha....been there done that.

mom said...

Rice and cheese sounds good to me. That was funny