Saturday, October 15, 2005

{Missing Washington, But Enjoying SLC}

Hey everyone, guess what! Oh yea i got internet and cable for our TV! yay! im so excited, it was nice to not have this stuff for a few days, so i didnt have too much to take me away from unpacking, but im so happy we have it now though. Pay bills, write to friends/family, see pictures and send them.. communicate with family!!! Salt Lake is nice, but i have my moments when im missing home, but its nice though to be away and experience the hard part of being on my own. I apperciate all my parents have done for me! thanks! Im so happy, the other day i found out that Rae is comming on the 4th of nov.! she cant keep secrets! lol but its nice to know whats ahead!! anywho this is short though so sorry but i have to eat lunch/breakfast and then head off to the BYU game! im so excited!! love and miss you all!!


Amy said...

How was the game? Congrats on getting back to the land of the living.

So, ummmm, when do we get to see pictures of your apartment???

Dad said...

Thanks for the update. Hope the game was worth waiting for. We had a great stake conference. Everyone at church sends thier love.

Mom said...

Hi Laura looking forward to seeing updated pic's of you apt. We miss you too. Love mom