Monday, October 10, 2005

About Time!

I am Alive! Long time i know, but things have been a little crazy here. Its offical! i have been out of my parents house for over a week, and its crazy! i miss my parents like id never imagined, i miss my family so much. Its nice to get calls, i know i dont call enough, but between work, getting sick, unpacking, and trying to catch my breath and relax so i dont get sicker, its been a little crazy! So far, my apartment is probably 1/2 way unpacked. the living room is offically unpacked, only got to put together the entertainment center (but thats going to be in a few weeks) the kitchen is pretty much there, just a little here and there to do but for the most part its done. The Spare/computer room ha! thats another story! we have a path to the laundry room, but hey thats a start! Our bedroom is okay, some boxes, but those are clothes we only wear once in a while like church etc. and those are in boxes and just need to be put into closets. Bathroom is done, and set up and lookin good... the green tub is growing on me. I like it! its unique, funky, and fun! i like it. Our Animals are doing great! Flipper is doing wonderful! enjoying the banana's. Misplaced his catfood, so he gets his favorite besides kiwi's.... Logan loves his job! his boss loves him, and his supivisor is transfering into the office, and they are preparing to put Logan as the new Supivisor! how neat? He works alot though, kinda sucks but he gets overtime money and thats nice. He goes to work an hour early and stays a few hours late, but since he worked so late one night his boss is taking us to a BYU game! how awesome! im going to a college game im so excited! As for me, i love my Job! I'm the assistant teacher for the toddlers (1yrs) at C st Child Care. I lOVE IT! I walk to work, usually walk home for lunch, and then walk back to home after work. i get of at 6 and its nice. I already got sick on the 3rd day here. A bad cold virus thing was going around, and of course i got it. But its cool. The weather is changing quickly! Its blue skys and sunny, but freezing cold though, but its nice. Over the week we have been here it has been rainy about 3 days of it. Reminds me of home. I miss washington alot, all the green trees, the water everywhere, the humidy! But Utah is good. I love living out on my own, but i often find my self wanting my mom! I cant wait until her and even maybe my dad can come visit! Show them around SLC, cook them dinner in my own apartment!! I miss my sister alot too. I use to be able to just drive 45min and see her, scrap with her, and hang out with the kids, but i dont have that anymore. i dont have many friends here either. I have some that moved here awhile ago, but i dont see them much, and its kinda sad. But its bringing Logan and i so much closer and its nice. Its helping us so much!! i love it. Im doing good though, i mean its hard, but i know i can do it! oh anyone ever had a TB test? A Tuberculosis test? yeah those are sucky! lol i had to get one for work today, its just a pinch, then your skin has a little bump under it, and then it goes away and it sucks! I dont really like needles alot though either, but it was okay. Anywho.. well its lunch time im going to go! miss you all so much! i will have internet saturday! Im usuing works right now! talk to you later gators!! I MISS YOU ALL


Amy said...

thanks for the update!!!!

Mom said...

I'm glad the two of you are doing so well. We mis you too. It is really lonly now in the evenings. Pebbles isn't doing to great at learning to get me an icecream bar or make popcorn. It sounds like your apt. is coming along. I can't wait to see it. That is really exciting about Logans getting a promotion already. Is that a for sure thing? You have until march to get the spare room done so I'll have a place to sleep when I come down for our birthdays :) Love, Mom

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