Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Im Alive

Hey been a few days and i feel like im really slacking! lol... saturday logan and i went to the Olive Garden for soup and salad, cheap and totally hit the spot! lol favorite place!!!!!! Anywho and then we got some thing done, and hopefully tonight we are getting a tree! YAY!! anywho short, but im ill write more later!

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Mom said...

Hi Laura, Send me a picture of your tree when you get it all set up. Have fun. I can remember going to get our first christmas tree like it was yesterday! Dad and I went and cut in the woods behind grandma Mcguires. It was beautiful. We later found out not only did we cut an illegal tree it wasn't on moms property like we thought. But it was beautiful. Every thing on the tree was homemade. Anyway have fun with your first tree and the special memories you'll make. Love Mom