Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tis the week of Rings and Prayers!!

You ask why? well so far this week i lost my black CTR thumb ring and after a night of praying constantly and nightmares i found the ring, in my pant leg? yes my pantleg of my jeans the weirdest spot but it was there. I dont know if it was heavenly fathers doings, or what, but i am super thankful for finding it. The night before i found it i had taken a shower and our drain in our tub is open... so its so easy for something to fall down the drain and go un noticed. Well i finally found my beloved ring and life was normal until.. this morning. As i am sitting here on the computer as logan is taking a shower, then i hear a cling cling and then logan screaming "NO NO NO" and i immeditaly know what had happened. i run into the bathroom and i calmly said "please tell me that wasnt your wedding ring" and guess what yah it was his wonderful ring! so i quickly call where we got the ring to find out that our warrently doesnt cover lost. But after constant prayers logan thinks about going under neath the apartment and looking in the pipes. He goes gets the keys from the manager and goes down under. I hear CLANK CLANK CLANK and then i yell did you get it? and guess what YES!!! HE FOUND THE RING!! We are so lucky and thankful for these two rings!!! now i posted a sign that says NO RINGS ALLOWED right as you walk past the sink to take a shower... so we have learned our lessons!!!


Amy said...

ack!!!!! scary!!!!!!!!!!!

You can go and buy a scren type thing to put over that hole in your tub at Lowe's - for about a $1. go and get one tonight.

mom said...

You are sooo lucky. Follow Amy's advice and get the cover, one of you are bound to forget to take the reings off before you get in the shower. Glad you got them baoth back. Yes prayer does work!!