Friday, January 25, 2008

the biggest loser continues...

We have offically completed 3 full weeks!!! half way there! yay!! there have been many times i wanted to just give up, but im glad i havn't. I have lost 9 pounds total! yay go me!!! and all together we have all lost 38 pounds i think... as my sister said "thats a Maegan!" dang we are good!! im only 3 points from being in first!! Hopefully this week i can kick butt! lol.
well not too much else going on. Kason is yet again SICK! he was just getting over his congestion crap, brochulatis (spelling that totally wrong) and then yesterday he got the Flu. GREAT! There are days i think of putting him in a bubble for the rest of his life. He could be Kason the Bubble Boy! Hows that sound? yeah i know, i wont, thats no life to live.
Anywho.. we went to his doctors today to make sure it was anything worse because the nurse suggested it might be. No worries its not, but while we where there i talked to our doctor, who we love, about starting Kason on food. He is always eyeing our food, even has reached for it a few times. Making eating dinner with him on my lap alot harder now. Anywho we get to start him on VEGGIES!! yay! our little man is getting big!! the reason we are starting on Veggies and not ceral is because Kason has issues with pooping. He is severly constapated all the time. He is on a daily laxativ that helps, but he still has issues. A while back i tried a bit of Oatmeal in his formula to help him sleep, it did help him sleep but he got super constapated on just a little bit while he was on his laxativ!!! so she said to go ahead and just do the Veggies, start with green and work into orange, then do some fruits. NO BANANA'S since he has issues already. So hopefully he likes it and will start getting fuller and loving it.
Well not much else to say. No pictures sorry. i need to scan some scrap layouts and stuff from his baby books. will try to do that sooner or later.
well have a great day!

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The Riggle's said...

I just wrote you this big long comment about how your kid is cute, but since you didn't sign out on my computer it said I was you and then when I tried to fix it, it erased my whole comment. Lame!!!! Anyway...where's pics? you have a cute kid! i have cute kids! and that's all I said in a nutshell I guess.