Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So i finally uploaded pictures of Kason eating peas. It was pretty funny. He made the same faces that his daddy makes when he eats peas! lol Just like daddy i guess. After about 10 bites he started to like them and stop making horriable gagging faces! lol
First bite, doesnt he look impressed? lolThe result of the first bite. not too thrilled.
After about 10 bites. He started to show progress! lol
Our happy boy!! This was yesterday his offical 4 month mark! how cute is he? and he is a big boy in his highchair! insane!!
I gave him a ball to see if he would play with it. i didnt think he would, but after a few minutes Logan grabbed the camera, shoved it in my hands and said "look!"
He would hit it with his hands, sending it accross the tray and then laugh. then he would try to do it again!
He would try to pick it up.
Intense in play! i can already tell our little boy is going to love to have fun!!!
hope everyone is having a great day. no snow. which was nice to drive to work without having to deal with all the people on the road who have no idea what they are doing. thats prolly why they close school for an inch of snow here! lol


Jamie said...

he is SOOOOO cute Laura!! LOL, he looks TERRIFIED in that second picture :) I can't believe he's so big already and eating real food!

Nadeau Family said...

I can't believe he is 4 months already! Crazy.....He's so adorable! Hey, I've got a burp rag of yours I need to get back to you....remind me next time we see each other.

Donna said...

The picture of Kason eating his first bites of peas is too funny. I love his sweet little smile as he started to enjoy them. I can't believe how big he has gotten! Happy 4 month birthday little guy!