Friday, February 01, 2008

we are yogurt people...

logan and i both LOVE yogurt. We are always searching for it on sale because its starting to get expensive. Well the other day Albertsons had it for like 39cents each and if you spend 10dollars you get a couple bucks off so it was like 32cents each! so of course we went and stocked up. no worries on it going bad, we have already made a dent in our supply! lol

Kason had his 4 month check up yesterday
he is in the
30 percentile for weight
25 percentile for height
75 percentile for head (big brain people! lol)
dr. says he is doing fantastic!


Amy said...

LOL. I love yogurt too - but wow! :) I note that you also love eggs and milk, and I can only assume that is a protien shake to the right?

Your kid is adorable and I'm glad you're all doing well!

AmyG said...

ummmm...that's a lot of yogurt.

p.s. that doesn't count as a fruit. :)