Friday, February 22, 2008


Lately Kason has been talking ALOT. he has always made noises but this last month all he does is gab! the other day he woke us up by just talking. he went on for almost an hour of just making noises and laughing and smiling. My camera doesnt have video so i havnt been able to capture it yet, until today. I totally spaced out that Clara's camera has video. so here are a couple clips of Kason talking.

I can't wait for the weekend. The weather has been wonderful this whole week! i hope it keeps it up for the weekend!! Recap of us enjoying the weather this week:

Monday-we went quading out at Val and Larry's. There were no clouds in the sky and you could see forever!! the mountains were amazing!!
Tuesday-i took the kids outside and we spent hours out there running around. Addie thinks its funny to escape into the road, haha not!
Wednesday- Ethan tricked me into going to the park. Totally worth it. It was so nice out!
Thursday- Logan and I used our grill again and BBQ'd hamburgers! OH YUMMY!! they turned out amazing! he put onion soup mix in the meat. it was so moist and delicious! and i made my favorite fries! perfect meal.
Friday- I am taking the kids out to a park, if they wake up in time :) thank goodness for naps! :)

I cant wait for spring and summer! im itching to garden!! found plants i wanna plant! cant wait!!

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