Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So Kason really hasnt had a set schedule during the day. At night it has been pretty normal routine. We get home, daddy plays with him i make dinner. We eat. He plays then its jammie time, story time, bedtime whenever we go to bed. Pretty basic and simple. Well yesterday i started a schedule during the day, mostly for his naps. he napped but nothing regular so i figured it was time to start him on that. so here it goes:

5-6am- Get a bottle

7:20am- get dressed and leave with mommy to work

8:30am- Breakfast usually applesauce

10:ooam- nap time

12:30pm- Lunch time

a bottle sometime between lunch and nap #2

2:00pm- Nap time


6:00pm- Dinner

8:30pm- Get ready for bed which includes- bottle, story time, jammies

9:00pm- sleepy time in OWN bed!

Yesterday went SO well! he took two 2hour naps! and he barely made it to bed he was so tired!! He even slept in his own bed ALL NIGHT LONG!! see he got in this habit of coming in and out of our bed. it was bad we have a king size and it didnt bother us, but i figured that he needs to be in his own room. so there he is! he slept from 9:30pm (thats when he fell asleep) until 5am this morning!! i was actually surprised because he usually wakes up in the middle of the night crying only for his binky. i give it to him and he goes right back to sleep. well he cried lastnight i got up gave him the binky and he was still mad. i changed his diaper, still mad. i put him in his crib to go make a bottle (im thinking its like 2am) and im wondering why he is so mad and why he is already wanting a bottle. i look over and see our radio clock in the hallway and see that its 5AM!!! kason made it through the whole night!! Also new development. he holds his bottles now ALL BY HIM SELF :) he drinks the whole thing by him self now. so we just give it to him at 5am and go back to sleep! yay!

i offically love schedules!! today so far so good!!! :)

and just because i love baby feet and i LOVE kason's here is a picture of him lastweek taking a naked diaper nap on the couch.

kason loves to be naked (with a diaper of course) if he is fussy all i have to do is strip him down to the diaper and he is just fine! :) lol


Amy said...

Congrats on a schedule - that's huge! I love that he likes to be naked....do you think he inherited that? ;)

Denise said...

I'm really bad at commenting lately, but just wanted to say that your little guy is adorable and is growing so fast! Hope everything is going well.