Wednesday, January 16, 2008

life in general

Time has really been going by quick. Kason will be four months on the 28th. seriously where has the time gone? It seems that i am so wrapped up in wordly things like movies, getting the house clean, scrapbooking, errands, etc. etc. that i miss all Kason's little moments. But really i dont. i am always there with him. Holding cuddeling, kissin, huggin, and encouraging him to grow and explore his little world. It just seems that time is going by so quickly that i am missing out on this with him, but in all honesty and when i sit and think about everything im not. Im just being a paranoid mommy.

things have been busy around here. Logan has started school and loves it, but hates all the homework. Seriously they give tons, but thats college i guess. I was always told that you should have an hour of homework a night from each class. Well he has 3 classes, but they sure are giving more than one hour of homework. He has essay's regularly from two classes and math everynight. He;s doing great though. makes time for his homework and Kason and myself. great guy!

Kason is yet again sick. i seriously think he has been NOT been sick maybe 3 weeks total since he was born. he just keeps getting nasty colds. Dude i have no idea why. we steralize his binky's, bottles, etc. maybe he is just a kid who gets sick alot. hopefully this will build up his immune system for when he gets older.

Updates on Kason:
As of last week:
he weighed: 13lbs 1oz.
Age: 3.5 months
he laughs
rolls from tummy to back
almost rolls from back to tummy
tries to scoot. makes it about 6-12inches in about a couple minutes.
Sits for about 10 seconds by himself!! then he tips forward lol
He is just amazing!!

Im doing good on the biggest loser. lost 5lbs last week and a couple more this week, but as of this morning i am at the same weight as when i lost the 5lbs... dont know.. been eating the same and excerising.. oh well.
here are some pictures of kason!!


Donna said...


I'm glad that Logan is liking school. Yeah, the homework can be a bear.

Congrats on the weight loss!!

I'm sorry that Kason isn't feeling well. Hope that he feels better soon.
He is getting so Big, and changing so much.

Have a Great Weekend!

Amy said...

You have a BEAUTIFUL child!!! It's good to hear from you every now and again, even if you're busy with life and baby.

The Riggle's said...

Don't you worry. I see you most every day and you are doing just fine as a mommy. We all feel a little lost in life sometimes when you have a new baby, but that's normal. You spend more time with Kason than most parents are able to spend with their kids. Taking a break once in a while only helps us appreciate the time we spend with our children. So keep up the great mommy work!! Love ya!!

AmyG said...

i commented yesterday - but it's not here :(

No matter how hard you try you won't be able to remember everything. even when you're there all day with him. don't let the scrapbooking fall to the wayside - that's what keeps those memories for me. When I go back and look at old pages - it refreshes and brings back memories that were really gone. I would have never remembered.

Just remember to enjoy him. love on him and snuggle him lots. before long he'll be 8 and not want that anymore. :(