Wednesday, December 05, 2007


its been a while sorry. we are doing well. Just enjoying Kason's baby days. i love that he is small and cuddley but i know that soon he will be all over the place causing mayham. lol anywho.. not too much going on. Kason went swimming for the first time lastnight at the YMCA here in town, he LOVED it. all calm and relaxed. we went with Adam and Carrie and Brinnon. I will have pictures up soon i have to develop them. i used a waterproof disposable camera.
Cabelas opened up here in Lacey, and its a madhouse. We went and walked a round for a bit, there were SO many people in there. But we got this cute picture of Kason. its funny!! :)
dont worry we didnt buy it lol. but it was funny!


Donna said...

Aww... Laura he is Adorable!!

Amy G said...

ok, that is scary!! lol it looks like a tupee (sp?)

The Riggle's said...

Is that label in case Kason gets stolen all the alarms go off? You need an update woman!!!!