Wednesday, November 21, 2007

once upon a design

my sister, Amy Grendell, has just started a new bussiness with a friend and its awesome. Have you guys heard or seen those vinal lettering thingy's??? they are awesome because you can make crafts with them, signs, etc. but what i think is awesome is that they can go straight on your wall and if you like us and rent an apartment you have PLAIN white walls. Well with the vinal designs you can decorate your walls and when you move out, they peel right off!! how awesome? Also they are having a drawing for a free bird doodle, gotta check it out.
website---- ---- so neat. below are some examples of their work.
how cute are these birds?? getting some for Kason's room!!there is an example of one in her house.

yup getting these Too!
example of them on a car.these would be awesome on a board to make a sign.
you can custom order. Pick colors, sizes etc.

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