Tuesday, November 13, 2007

alot to think about.

so after debating, thinking, and discussing with Logan I have decided to stop designing digital scrapbooking products. It was fun, but then it became like a chore to me. I wasn't doing it because it was FUN to, i was now doing it because i felt like i had to. I was too worried about deadlines, and etc. that it just wasnt what i wanted to do anymore. so i have offically closed down my stores, cancled my designing blog.
One major reason i decided to do this was Family. With Kason here i have really thought about my life. About what is really important. I have taken so much for granted in my life. The main thing is Family. How important they are in ones life. I have grown up with a large family, i married into a large family, and we plan to one day have a large family of our own. I dont want to hussel and bussel of everyday life to take away the important little moments in everyday life, examples; cuddle time, reading books to children, baking because you like too, scrapbooking to keep memories alive, watching a movie with your hubby and baby, taking walks with your pup, talking to your hubby about nonsense, and just laying in bed on a weekend morning and just being relaxed.
So now i want to make sure i do those things, and ENJOY them. I want to weed out the "wants" in my life and make sure that the "needs" of myself and those around me are fulfilled first.

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Donna said...


Sorry to hear that you are going to stop designing. But, totally understand. It's just not the same when it becomes a chore and not so much fun. And, you have sweet Mr. Kason. Just don't quit scrappin'

Hope that you have a great Day!!