Friday, November 16, 2007

my mojo is BACK!

okay so i hadnt scrapped in like months, about 2-3!! insane! i totally lost my mojo and it sucked because i wanted to use some new kits i had gotten, but i just couldnt create anything. Well i finally broke that block and create some layouts of Kason!! some i cannot because the product is not out yet, but here is one that i can. so cute.
credits-- Kablamo by shawna clingerman


Donna said...

Hi Laura,
Oh, your LO is so... Cute!
I just love baby yawns
Great job!

Havalah and Brigg said...

Laura, your babe is so cute. So, Jamie, Heather, and I are back in washinton for thanksgiving, so I'm doing a little shindig at my house wednesday night. I thought it would be so much fun to see everyone again. Do you think you and logan and Kason can come?