Thursday, November 08, 2007

hello there

hey everyone. soryy its been a while. we are doing good. tired. Kason and I both got colds. mine is almost gone, but still feel like yuck. poor Kason cant breathe. hopefully it will go away soon.

well here are some pictures from halloween and his blessing, he was a pirate :)
love having a large family

our first family picture. i would LOVE some professional ones done soon... hmm... i wonder if a certain lovely sister of mine would ever be so kind :) :) :).


Nadeau Family said...

Too fun. I just love the pirate costume!

kristi said...

hey laura... your family is soo cute! i don't think i've seen you or logan sinch you got married but your little guy is adorable! i take pictures professionally and love doing babies and families if you want some taken; i have a mini studio in my house.

- kristi waite

AmyG said...

all you have to do is ask :)

cute pics.